Friday, July 29, 2016

29/7/2016 - Just Keep Moving...

Day 2

That alone makes today a success but on top of that I feel good, a little sore but still alive so gotta take that as a big accomplishment.

Today I followed Southern Crossfit's main site programming as I had all the equipment to do it at home which was fun.  My husband is at the gym right now doing the same so I'm sure we will compare notes later as all crossfitting couples do.

***Side note: at heart I'm a Southern Crossfit member though currently have put my membership on hold due to financial reasons.  I miss training there, more specifically I miss the community there as they are all good people but I make every effort to stay in touch with everyone and will definitely be back training there in the future (hence why I love following their programming when/where I can).  Also, as noted - my husband is training there still***

My dear friend Stephanie so clearly pointed out that using 35kg yesterday was actually quite huge considering if was my first day back.  In my mind I didn't see it that way (as my mind hasn't quite caught up to how my body feels) but in hindsight she was so very right.  I felt a little sore today and I know that to get better I have to keep going but also that I need to not push too hard that I start to hate it, am too sore to keep moving each day, or worst of all that I injure myself.

So today was more about mindset and realigning my ego to where I am now not comparing myself to where I was way back when.  What used to be easy isn't right now and taking a step back in order to move forward is okay so that was my headspace heading into today.

So what was on tap for today?

10-8-6-4-2 (every 2:30)

With my hamstrings feeling a little stiff and my shoulders tight I knew that I was going to start easy and keep it (relatively) easy on the thrusters which was good.  I could have probably pushed harder/ heavier but I knew it wasn't about that, but rather about reintroducing my body to the movement patterns that it hasn't used in a while.

I focused on good form, staying on my heels and exploding through the hips to get the bar overhead.

***(Another) Side Note: for new readers - I'm not a crossfit coach, actually I'm not a coach at all so if you're new to all this then please find yourself some good coaching (see Southern Crossfit), I have however been coached by some really solidly qualified people who are great at both teaching great movement patters, correcting poor form and giving quality cues throughout so things that I may mention here have come from them embedding them into me over and over again through the years)***

I was happy overall with the thrusters as a way to get my whole body moving through a range of motion and easing out some of the stiffness I was feeling from yesterday.

7 minute AMRAP
5 KB snatch (left) 32/20kg
5 KB snatch (right) 32/20kg
5 Goblet Squats 32/20kg
5 rounds (16kg KB)

This WOD was really fun.  Painful but still fun.  I'm generally not one to really like KB snatches which is funny since DB snatches are my favorite movement ever but still enjoyed the programming on this one.

I used a 16kg KB as it is the only one I have so there was no other choice.  It was probably a bit heavy for where I am at but surprisingly it wasn't the weight that got me as much as my lungs which are still not on board with this new party we are starting. 

The number of reps was perfect for going unbroken through the movement and to keep moving but also enough to catch up pretty quick as the rounds piled up.

I had some solid music blasting through my ears which added to my pleasure (exactly what little Taylor Swift will do for a WOD right Jono?). 

My mantra through this was 'just keep moving'.  It was easy between movements to rest for longer than necessary especially with the snatches as you are essentially resting one arm as you progress to the other and the squats are quick to get through so it was just that... keep moving.

Day 2 is in the books and am actually a little bit excited to see where this new (reestablished?) adventure takes me.

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