Thursday, July 28, 2016

28/7/2016 - (Re-)starting is the Hardest Part

It's been a while... over 1000 days apparently, a very long time.  So what happened...

First I just stopped blogging about my workouts - in hindsight it came about for a number of reasons including being a bit discouraged by my words being taken out of context and then because I was just happy being and not documenting every effort.  I think though that as I drifted away from this space over time I also drifted away from my why of training. 

Such a small thing but so important in the grand scheme of it all. 

Documenting my workouts here helped me to relive the fun and enjoyment of it all that I didn't always see in the process of doing.  It allowed me to see progress over time of how far I had come, to celebrate simple achievements and take the pressure off that sometimes comes with being in (what can be) a competitive environment.

Training changed, life changed and I changed some good, some bad and so just off track so here I am, getting back on track, starting again, taking one day at a time and documenting this journey.

Today was Day 1. 

Training in my back yard

strict press

The strict press was solid for all rounds, felt heavy as I haven't picked up a barbell in 6 months or so but still happy with them.  My shoulders were a little creaky but that's just moving out the rust from all this time off.

3 rounds
10 hang power clean
5 push press
5:09 (35kg)

Initially I was planning on 5 rounds but my wrists had something to say about that so cut it short at 3 - not trying to kill myself just looking to ease my way back in and avoid sustaining any injuries so listening to what my body is telling me.

I broke all the rounds into 9 HPC's, rest, 1 HPC and 5 push press unbroken.  Best efficiency for the work but I think I spent more time staring at the barbell between movements than I did actually moving the bar but as they say - starting is the hardest part.

Day one down, happy I moved my body and am starting back on this track.  Not going to judge myself or finding any fault, just focus on the good and working my way back.  I can't wait to see what this journey brings...

Tomorrow - Day two and also my whys - they have been coming at me from all directions tonight and I'm excited to explore them further.  But now... dinner.

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