Friday, August 26, 2016

25/8/2016 - squats and skipping and snatches oh my...

Did a bit of catching up on WODs today but the sun was shining and there was a hint of spring in the air so it was just nice to be outside.

Front Squat

This was actually programmed by Southern Crossfit on Wednesday and while I wanted to do it time just escaped me and I never got to it so it got delayed by a day.  I also did the Southern Crossfit WOD that was posted today so it was a bit of a mish-mash but still fun (besides the nearly dying once the WOD was over but we will get to that in a bit).

The front squats weights were supposed to be slightly heavier on the second 6 and 10 than the first but I just kept them the same for ease of plate changes and mindset as just doing them was a bit of a struggle once I got moving into them.  Again, focused on form over weight and just getting used to the movement pattern as it's been a while (at least before this week it has been).  Thankfully though the second set of 6 and 10 felt way better htan the first - likely a function of being warmed into them a bit more.

For Time
double unders
hang power snatch (60/40kg)
10:49 @25kg

What a lung burner.  Kept it relatively light on the snatches which in hindsight was a very good thing.  Though I held on to all the sets unbroken it was still a bit of a struggle and felt like putting the bar down and picking it back up again would be harder than just a short rest at the top of the snatch. 

The double unders were tough even though technically I am still good at them and can string them together in big sets by gasping for breath usually stops my momentum so I was doing at most 25 at a time but generally just trying to hang on for 15-20 throughout.

I tried to minimize rest as much as I could and telling myself to just start jumping again even if it was just for a few reps as that would keep me chipping away at the bigger sets of 80 and 100 and it would be all done sooner than if I just tried to rest which would never be long enough anyway.

I was happy with how I finished.  Other than increasing my aerobic capacity to do bigger sets of DU's thoughout I can't say I wasted too much time just hanging around so that was good. 

I liked this one and was nice to do it outside in the sunshine though I did get a bit warm at times. 

When it was over I think I laid on the ground for a good 5 minutes and even then still couldn't catch my  breath so that tells you how good it was for me.

Finished up the day with some ultimate practice - an hour or so of running around which again will hopefully mean less leg hurt tomorrow.  We will see.  I think my calves are going to pay the price (as usual) for so many double unders.  Fun times.

Monday, August 22, 2016

22/8/2016 - Squats and Running


Bit late on this catch up but still keeping my body moving so that's something.

Felt the need to squat this week so that was exactly what I did on Monday.

5 rounds
5 back squats

Kept the weight light just to get my legs back into it but felt good overall.  Focused on good form and breathing and just getting it done.  Was fun.

Followed it up by another Monday night game of ultimate which I think really helped from my legs being too sore on Tuesday as they typically tend to be after squatting again so that was a nice relief.

Good start to the week.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

18/8/2016 - Shoulders and Abs

Been a bit quiet this week.  Started off with the usual Monday night game of ultimate with all the running which was fun.  It was a little muddy and a lot slippery which made for a very tight game (I think we actually tied at the end of it all).  The next two days my abs were on fire.  A bit shocking really but also good I guess.

The days got a bit away from me and so it wasn't until Thursday night that I jumped onto another workout.

It was tough on the shoulders and abs (again) that's for sure.

For Time
Shoulder to Overhead (S2OH) (45kg)
7:41 @30kg

That got heavy really quickly.  In warm-up 30kg felt solid though I knew it would be a bit of a stretch considering the current state of my strength.

I started solidly doing the first 11 reps unbroken.  In hindsight this might have been a bit of a mistake as from then on I slowed down considerably and broke all the sets down into no more than 6 reps going 6-5-4 in the round of 15, 6-4 in the round of 10 then 5 unbroken (though a little ugly). 

I had a coach way back who always said to do (at least) one more than half of the reps if you're going to break things up and I have always kept this in mind.  It's easier to pick up the bar for 4 rather than 5 or in the case of 15 to do one less each set.  Most numbers break up nicely this way too.  I know it's a minor thing but in the middle of a tough WOD I personally find it makes a difference mentally.

The v-ups also got taxing quite quickly - both a reflection of the strength of my abs and also how much I was using them still on the S2OH trying to stabilize my core.

This was a good WOD.   Felt it at the end of it all which I guess more than anything is the most you can really ask for.

Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious already - this was another Southern Crossfit programmed WOD.  Thanks guys!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

12/8/2016 - Friday Finisher

Quick one on Friday as it was a busy day but still wanted to get something done.  It worked.  Felt it on Saturday even though I kept it quick and light.  Goes to show that doing something (however small) is always better than doing nothing.

10 minute AMRAP
10 pushups
15 barbell lunges (15kg)
20 situps
3 rounds + 10 pushups + 3 lunges

The Southern Crossfit WOD was double this in all ways - 20 minute AMRAP with 20 handstand pushups (HSPU), 30 lunges (apparently in the back rack but I didn't know this going in) at 30kg and 40 situps.  Half of the work was still plenty for me.

As mentioned in a previous post that included pushups, they are still a bit of a struggle so the majority of my time was spent on those - this also impacted the lunges as my shoulders were crying out but survived them (glad I halved the reps).

The situps were strong and consistent and helped slow me down a little to get back to the pushups.  It was a good one.

Steph has given me a WOD to do from her end of things but it involves running and I have yet to measure any distances out and also because with our set up I would have to lock/ unlock our house up every time I left on a run so might have to try and schedule this one in when Shaun is home to keep an eye on things.  Will figure it all out in time.  In the meantime, sorry Steph. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/10/2016 - Sunny afternoon WOD

Back to the weights today after a few days away.  Still feeling quite sore in the midsection from Ultimate but pushed through anyway.

Modified Saturday's partner WOD from Southern Crossfit.

The weeked WOD was a 20 minute AMRAP with partners alternating every round.  Instead I just did 5 rounds for time.

5 rounds for time
5 thrusters (30/42.5kg)
7 hang power cleans (30/42.5kg)
10 SDHP (30/42.5kg)
9:25 @25kg

My arms were seriously shaky after this one.

Felt solid in the warm up and plan was to hang on to the bar for each round but that didn't quite happen.  Managed the thrusters and HPC's in the first round fine then put the bar down to adjust my grip and also to try and breathe.  Did the SDHP's in one set for this round but then broke them up every one there after even when I tried to hold on just to finish the last round (but couldn't).

The thrusters were good.  I paused a little at the top to breathe but otherwise rolled through them.  The HPC's (being one of my favorite movements) felt solid.  I actually muscle cleaned a few of them every round just to make them go a little bit quicker.  This probably didn't help with being able to breathe which was exacerbated by the SDHP's which really took my breath away (and not really in a good way).

I finished the first 4 rounds in about 8 minutes or so and knew that I was going to have to push if I wanted to finish under 10 minutes.  Like the 4th round, I made myself pick up the bar right away after adjusting my hands for the SDHP's even if it was only for a few reps - and I surprised myself too (even though I should probably know better by now) that I could still get through half the reps.  Doing this shaved a bunch of time off of my last two rounds I'm sure.

Couldn't quite hang on for the full 10 reps to finish the last round but minimised my rest as much as possible to finish at 9:25 which I felt good about.  It was quite a gassy WOD for me (which it will continue being while I keep the weight low) but that is what I need to work on most at the moment so it's not a bad way to go.

You should try this one too Steph.... it's a good one and not too taxing on the body.

8/8/2016 - Ultimate again...

Another season of Ultimate Frisbee started on monday night.  I played last season at Curtin as part of their social league.  Teams are comprised mostly of students but anyone can play so I signed up and was put on a team for the season.  When we started we were all a little out of our depths in Division 1 but half way through the season (smartly) dropped down into Division 2 where it was a lot more fun to play.

This season I'm on a different team though one of the guys from last season is the same (and also the captain this year).  So far seems like a solid group - a few newbies - but collectively everyone is down with having fun moreso than winning which makes the games more fun to play in and if the wins come then great but we're not an all-star team.

I joined up to run around - which I do much better when chasing something rather than just going for a run - it's getting me out there even if I'm sometimes a little slow or (much) older than the others out there (thankfully they haven't realized this at all) - I did play for several years in Vancouver so those skills are still there and definitely help.  Haha.

Monday's game was very rainy and as such very muddy.  The middle of the field was a slip and slide.  Thankfully I managed to stay on my feet throughout but I had squishy shoes by the end.  It was fun (albeit a little chilly) to get out and run around again though.

And now, two days later I'm feeling the result of that running around after a piece of plastic - soreness not only in my legs but also mostly my abs.  Who knew.  I'll take it though - getting better everyday.

From the Vancouver playing days, NOT last Monday!!

5/8/2016 - Catching up...

On Friday I decided to do the Southern Crossfit WOD from the day before which I didn't get around to on Thursday when it came up.  It was doable from home so I gave it a go.  My body is still catching up on what it was once able to do with ease but I just have to keep moving and it will (I'm sure) come back at some stage.

9min AMRAP
12x Air Squat
9x Push Ups
6x Hang Power Snatch 60/40kgs
4 rounds + 12 squats and 7 push-ups

The air squats were solid throughout and just a matter of moving though still got to me a little more than they should but kept at them and were a nice 'recovery' portion of each round.

When I started this I was on my own and then near the end Shaun came out to continue cheering me on and noted how snake-y my push-ups where.  Sad to say they were this way for a large part of the workout (and from my knees at that) so definitely found a spot that needs a lot of working on.  Heh.  They were broken up a lot all the way through.

The hang power snatches were done at 25kg which felt heavy but I still managed to do them all unbroken each round with good technique so was very happy with that.

Was another solid WOD requiring me to work and highlighted some weaknesses but as Coach T said to me on Saturday when I told her I was getting back into things 'you just gotta keep moving and it will come back'.  Good advice and something to keep in the forefront of my head.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3/8/2016 – Improvising the Intensity

I had every intention of working out yesterday with the Southern Crossfit WOD (with a little modification as I don’t have a rower) but the day got away from me and I just didn’t do it. 

I have no excuse as I have all day to get it done but my schedule needs a bit of tweaking if I’m going to stay consistent.   I have always done the afternoon WOD at the gym as it fit in after work and I’m not at all a morning person so it was all good but now that I’m home all day my schedule is not as routine as it was, specifically my eating patterns and so by the time late afternoon arrives and I’m gearing up I’m also very hungry and low on energy because of it so I either need to train when I train or be more conscious of when and what I’m eating.  Anyway, that will come in time or I’ll just power through like I did today.

Another Southern Crossfit WOD on the cards with a bit of improvisation around the equipment I have (again).

5 rounds for time (RFT)
10 dumbbell shoulder to overhead (5 each arm) 25/20kg
50 double unders (DU’s)
10 dumbbell sit ups 25/20kg
15:49 (16kg KB instead of dumbbell for S2OH and 10kg plate for sit ups)

I’m really glad that I didn’t look at the times posted for this one as it was titled ‘Sprint’ on the website and it most definitely was not – at least for me.

It was however the stimulus I have been missing so far from my workouts – that pure lung burning intensity with a side of shoulder ache thrown in for good measure.  On a positive I know that it’s possible to get through a workout without any ability to breathe in oxygen.  Heh.

The 16kg KB for the shoulder to overhead (S2OH) was heavy.  I started with push presses for the first couple of rounds then had to bust out the push jerks.  I managed them all unbroken but not without a bit of struggle and lots of pain* something else.

I was happy my DU’s haven’t disappeared after being neglected for so long.  In my early crossfit days the gym I trained at didn’t have rowers so we did a lot of burpees, running and skipping which helped me develop my DU’s fairly quickly because we were forced to practice so often.  I am happy I have them in big chunks even when my lungs revolt and have me take long breaks in between.  Each set I started with a minimum of 25 reps so that was positive but the second half often devolved into 10-15 reps at a time.  Baby steps.

As I’m training at home on my own I’m not sure of the gym standard for this WOD in regards to the DB situps but given I was using a plate I touched over head and at my feet for a full rep.  Again there was an ache in my shoulders but also a burning in my lungs that makes it a bit more difficult to push through sit ups.  A challenge for sure. 

My lung capacity and endurance is definitely weak at the moment which means that there is nowhere else to go but up.  I’d like to challenge myself to try this one again in a few months to see the progress as I think I could hold a more steady pace per round with a bit more lung capacity and (hopefully) going unbroken on the DU’s.  Less rest more work and time will come down a lot I think.  My first round was just over 2 minutes to complete but then went downhill quickly after that given that the next 4 rounds took 14 minutes – over 3 minutes a round.

As a side note to this – I have seen many people through the years with DU’s and have often been questioned on how they can develop them to be more consistent – I think if you ask anyone who has them that the only true answer is to practice, practice, PRACTICE.  This is truly the best way – sure there are drills you can do with jumping teching and without using a rope but eventually you’re just going to have to practice.  One or two reps together will eventually be 6 or 7 then 10 and 20 and more.  Relax and have fun – getting frustrated will only make them harder as you’ll tense up and throw everything off.  Relax, breathe and find your rhythm. 

*I’m trying to keep working out fun and positive – a bit of an adventure and exploration as you will – and as such I’m going to avoid using words that tend to have a negative connotation such as pain, hurt, suck, dying, etc. from this place forward so I’m looking for some POSITIVE and HAPPY substitutes (they don’t even have to make sense – unicorns? Lilacs? Rainbows?  Who knows – I’m looking for suggestions here so post away in the comments and I’ll be searching the thesaurus for alternatives too

And a big happy birthday to my best girl Steph… this was was for you (give it a go!!) – I’ll tell you that the 16kg S2OH was way harder than it was a few years back when we randomly did them in sync at Primal Throwdown (photo).  Love you girl and can’t wait til the next time we can work out together.  Miss you.  xo

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1/8/2016 - Another SXF WOD

The start of another week.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a rest day.  My legs were rebelling making even the simplest things very difficult.  Walking was the hardest thing ever and so I knew I needed to relax.  Listening to my body is what is going to keep me on this journey and I know it well enough to back off a little when needed.

It was enough to get me feeling better for a good start to the week today.

I'm going to follow the programming at Southern Crossfit as much as possible with what equipment I have here at home which I mentioned in a previous post and today was another one of those days.

E2MOM for 12 minutes
1 rep clean

Was very happy for this one.  I was going to start at 35 kg and jump up 2.5kg every round but couldn't help myself after how good the first one felt.  They all felt solid and probably could have tried to go heavier but as I keep saying I'm easing back into it.

It's a funny what you realize after more than 6 months off (or any time off for that matter) - the strength is really easy to get back (if it even ever left to begin with), it's the lungs that are the struggle and doing multiple reps of lifts is really taxing too but singles with adequate rest can (almost) make you think you might not have lost anything at all.  Funny to realize I guess.

8 minute AMRAP
2,4,6,8,10,12... etc
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP) 60/40kg
Clean 60/40kg
74 total reps (25kg) 10 +12 SDHP and 2 cleans

This got gassy really quick and I'm happy I kept with a lower weight.  I did most of the SDHP's unbroken until the last two rounds and they went pretty quick, quick enough that I didn't feel my back jack up until the first couple of cleans.  

***Sidenote: for those following along - a clean is a full squat clean (not that it should need to be spelled out that way) - a clean is always to full depth and at SXF when written as a clean it is a full clean, ALWAYS.  When it is meant to be a power clean that is when it is specified otherwise.  I know (some) of our coaches find the term 'squat clean' quite laughably redundant***

This WOD tested me mentally to just keep moving and keep chasing a completed round.  I pushed really hard through the last minute to finish up the round of 10 cleans and get into the next round with the SDHP's being quick and getting right back onto the bar to get through a couple cleans.  Was happy with how it went.  Feeling good  and glad to be moving again even though it's on my own - good tunes help though.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

30/7/2016 - Sometimes a walk will do...

So today was just about moving.  I have started this journey (again) and while it feels good it also hurts quite a bit.  My muscles don't know what is going on and they are adjusting and while they adapt they are in a world of pain.  It's a pain I was used to and now am getting to know all over again.

With that in mind I knew today was going to be easy, it had to be. 

My husband and I had a nice little sleep in, some late breakfast and then went for a leisurely walk - to chase Pokemon.  Yes, Pokemon.

I understand everyone has an opinion on this new game that is taking over but can we all just agree to keep our opinions and thoughts on the matter to ourselves whichever side of the fence you sit on.  At the end of the day it's a harmless game that is ultimately getting people out of the house and exploring all different areas of the city and to me that is enough.

There are the haters who say that it's keeping people's head down in their phone, never looking up to appreciate the world around them and isolating them from actual social interaction but if you go out there you will see that is not remotely true.

Shaun and I spent over an hour meandering around McCallam Park in South Perth.  A place we probably never would have visited except that there were rumours of a high population of Pokemon lurking around (it was true).  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon if not a little on the chilly side of things with the monster winter wind.

We saw so many people out and about of all ages, joyfully playing a harmless game and guess what - they were interacting with each other.  Sure a few people were out solo but so many were in groups and sharing their finds with each other, strangers even.  Sharing smiles and successful captures.  It was fun.

It wasn't a major workout but I was moving and having fun just as we did the weekend before wandering around Lake Monger doing the same thing (just not as successfully).

I'm all for a game that gets people out and seeing parts of the city they might not venture to otherwise and I'm happy enough to call this my exercise for the day.