Wednesday, August 10, 2016

5/8/2016 - Catching up...

On Friday I decided to do the Southern Crossfit WOD from the day before which I didn't get around to on Thursday when it came up.  It was doable from home so I gave it a go.  My body is still catching up on what it was once able to do with ease but I just have to keep moving and it will (I'm sure) come back at some stage.

9min AMRAP
12x Air Squat
9x Push Ups
6x Hang Power Snatch 60/40kgs
4 rounds + 12 squats and 7 push-ups

The air squats were solid throughout and just a matter of moving though still got to me a little more than they should but kept at them and were a nice 'recovery' portion of each round.

When I started this I was on my own and then near the end Shaun came out to continue cheering me on and noted how snake-y my push-ups where.  Sad to say they were this way for a large part of the workout (and from my knees at that) so definitely found a spot that needs a lot of working on.  Heh.  They were broken up a lot all the way through.

The hang power snatches were done at 25kg which felt heavy but I still managed to do them all unbroken each round with good technique so was very happy with that.

Was another solid WOD requiring me to work and highlighted some weaknesses but as Coach T said to me on Saturday when I told her I was getting back into things 'you just gotta keep moving and it will come back'.  Good advice and something to keep in the forefront of my head.

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