Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3/8/2016 – Improvising the Intensity

I had every intention of working out yesterday with the Southern Crossfit WOD (with a little modification as I don’t have a rower) but the day got away from me and I just didn’t do it. 

I have no excuse as I have all day to get it done but my schedule needs a bit of tweaking if I’m going to stay consistent.   I have always done the afternoon WOD at the gym as it fit in after work and I’m not at all a morning person so it was all good but now that I’m home all day my schedule is not as routine as it was, specifically my eating patterns and so by the time late afternoon arrives and I’m gearing up I’m also very hungry and low on energy because of it so I either need to train when I train or be more conscious of when and what I’m eating.  Anyway, that will come in time or I’ll just power through like I did today.

Another Southern Crossfit WOD on the cards with a bit of improvisation around the equipment I have (again).

5 rounds for time (RFT)
10 dumbbell shoulder to overhead (5 each arm) 25/20kg
50 double unders (DU’s)
10 dumbbell sit ups 25/20kg
15:49 (16kg KB instead of dumbbell for S2OH and 10kg plate for sit ups)

I’m really glad that I didn’t look at the times posted for this one as it was titled ‘Sprint’ on the website and it most definitely was not – at least for me.

It was however the stimulus I have been missing so far from my workouts – that pure lung burning intensity with a side of shoulder ache thrown in for good measure.  On a positive I know that it’s possible to get through a workout without any ability to breathe in oxygen.  Heh.

The 16kg KB for the shoulder to overhead (S2OH) was heavy.  I started with push presses for the first couple of rounds then had to bust out the push jerks.  I managed them all unbroken but not without a bit of struggle and lots of pain* something else.

I was happy my DU’s haven’t disappeared after being neglected for so long.  In my early crossfit days the gym I trained at didn’t have rowers so we did a lot of burpees, running and skipping which helped me develop my DU’s fairly quickly because we were forced to practice so often.  I am happy I have them in big chunks even when my lungs revolt and have me take long breaks in between.  Each set I started with a minimum of 25 reps so that was positive but the second half often devolved into 10-15 reps at a time.  Baby steps.

As I’m training at home on my own I’m not sure of the gym standard for this WOD in regards to the DB situps but given I was using a plate I touched over head and at my feet for a full rep.  Again there was an ache in my shoulders but also a burning in my lungs that makes it a bit more difficult to push through sit ups.  A challenge for sure. 

My lung capacity and endurance is definitely weak at the moment which means that there is nowhere else to go but up.  I’d like to challenge myself to try this one again in a few months to see the progress as I think I could hold a more steady pace per round with a bit more lung capacity and (hopefully) going unbroken on the DU’s.  Less rest more work and time will come down a lot I think.  My first round was just over 2 minutes to complete but then went downhill quickly after that given that the next 4 rounds took 14 minutes – over 3 minutes a round.

As a side note to this – I have seen many people through the years with DU’s and have often been questioned on how they can develop them to be more consistent – I think if you ask anyone who has them that the only true answer is to practice, practice, PRACTICE.  This is truly the best way – sure there are drills you can do with jumping teching and without using a rope but eventually you’re just going to have to practice.  One or two reps together will eventually be 6 or 7 then 10 and 20 and more.  Relax and have fun – getting frustrated will only make them harder as you’ll tense up and throw everything off.  Relax, breathe and find your rhythm. 

*I’m trying to keep working out fun and positive – a bit of an adventure and exploration as you will – and as such I’m going to avoid using words that tend to have a negative connotation such as pain, hurt, suck, dying, etc. from this place forward so I’m looking for some POSITIVE and HAPPY substitutes (they don’t even have to make sense – unicorns? Lilacs? Rainbows?  Who knows – I’m looking for suggestions here so post away in the comments and I’ll be searching the thesaurus for alternatives too

And a big happy birthday to my best girl Steph… this was was for you (give it a go!!) – I’ll tell you that the 16kg S2OH was way harder than it was a few years back when we randomly did them in sync at Primal Throwdown (photo).  Love you girl and can’t wait til the next time we can work out together.  Miss you.  xo

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  1. Aww, thanks Jac!! A little late checking in to this post, but I'm so glad I did. I will for sure be doing this WOD - looks killer! Miss you heaps. (looking at photos and btw, what the HELL was that rubber chicken all about??). That Primal Throwdown photo of our syncronised KB snatches... brings back so many fond memories of you, my fav friend and training partner. miss you!! :-*