Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/8/2016 - Ultimate again...

Another season of Ultimate Frisbee started on monday night.  I played last season at Curtin as part of their social league.  Teams are comprised mostly of students but anyone can play so I signed up and was put on a team for the season.  When we started we were all a little out of our depths in Division 1 but half way through the season (smartly) dropped down into Division 2 where it was a lot more fun to play.

This season I'm on a different team though one of the guys from last season is the same (and also the captain this year).  So far seems like a solid group - a few newbies - but collectively everyone is down with having fun moreso than winning which makes the games more fun to play in and if the wins come then great but we're not an all-star team.

I joined up to run around - which I do much better when chasing something rather than just going for a run - it's getting me out there even if I'm sometimes a little slow or (much) older than the others out there (thankfully they haven't realized this at all) - I did play for several years in Vancouver so those skills are still there and definitely help.  Haha.

Monday's game was very rainy and as such very muddy.  The middle of the field was a slip and slide.  Thankfully I managed to stay on my feet throughout but I had squishy shoes by the end.  It was fun (albeit a little chilly) to get out and run around again though.

And now, two days later I'm feeling the result of that running around after a piece of plastic - soreness not only in my legs but also mostly my abs.  Who knew.  I'll take it though - getting better everyday.

From the Vancouver playing days, NOT last Monday!!

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