Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8/10/2016 - Sunny afternoon WOD

Back to the weights today after a few days away.  Still feeling quite sore in the midsection from Ultimate but pushed through anyway.

Modified Saturday's partner WOD from Southern Crossfit.

The weeked WOD was a 20 minute AMRAP with partners alternating every round.  Instead I just did 5 rounds for time.

5 rounds for time
5 thrusters (30/42.5kg)
7 hang power cleans (30/42.5kg)
10 SDHP (30/42.5kg)
9:25 @25kg

My arms were seriously shaky after this one.

Felt solid in the warm up and plan was to hang on to the bar for each round but that didn't quite happen.  Managed the thrusters and HPC's in the first round fine then put the bar down to adjust my grip and also to try and breathe.  Did the SDHP's in one set for this round but then broke them up every one there after even when I tried to hold on just to finish the last round (but couldn't).

The thrusters were good.  I paused a little at the top to breathe but otherwise rolled through them.  The HPC's (being one of my favorite movements) felt solid.  I actually muscle cleaned a few of them every round just to make them go a little bit quicker.  This probably didn't help with being able to breathe which was exacerbated by the SDHP's which really took my breath away (and not really in a good way).

I finished the first 4 rounds in about 8 minutes or so and knew that I was going to have to push if I wanted to finish under 10 minutes.  Like the 4th round, I made myself pick up the bar right away after adjusting my hands for the SDHP's even if it was only for a few reps - and I surprised myself too (even though I should probably know better by now) that I could still get through half the reps.  Doing this shaved a bunch of time off of my last two rounds I'm sure.

Couldn't quite hang on for the full 10 reps to finish the last round but minimised my rest as much as possible to finish at 9:25 which I felt good about.  It was quite a gassy WOD for me (which it will continue being while I keep the weight low) but that is what I need to work on most at the moment so it's not a bad way to go.

You should try this one too Steph.... it's a good one and not too taxing on the body.

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