Saturday, July 30, 2016

30/7/2016 - Sometimes a walk will do...

So today was just about moving.  I have started this journey (again) and while it feels good it also hurts quite a bit.  My muscles don't know what is going on and they are adjusting and while they adapt they are in a world of pain.  It's a pain I was used to and now am getting to know all over again.

With that in mind I knew today was going to be easy, it had to be. 

My husband and I had a nice little sleep in, some late breakfast and then went for a leisurely walk - to chase Pokemon.  Yes, Pokemon.

I understand everyone has an opinion on this new game that is taking over but can we all just agree to keep our opinions and thoughts on the matter to ourselves whichever side of the fence you sit on.  At the end of the day it's a harmless game that is ultimately getting people out of the house and exploring all different areas of the city and to me that is enough.

There are the haters who say that it's keeping people's head down in their phone, never looking up to appreciate the world around them and isolating them from actual social interaction but if you go out there you will see that is not remotely true.

Shaun and I spent over an hour meandering around McCallam Park in South Perth.  A place we probably never would have visited except that there were rumours of a high population of Pokemon lurking around (it was true).  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon if not a little on the chilly side of things with the monster winter wind.

We saw so many people out and about of all ages, joyfully playing a harmless game and guess what - they were interacting with each other.  Sure a few people were out solo but so many were in groups and sharing their finds with each other, strangers even.  Sharing smiles and successful captures.  It was fun.

It wasn't a major workout but I was moving and having fun just as we did the weekend before wandering around Lake Monger doing the same thing (just not as successfully).

I'm all for a game that gets people out and seeing parts of the city they might not venture to otherwise and I'm happy enough to call this my exercise for the day.

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