Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/23 – Smashed it…

What better way to get back into this little blog then by smashing a WOD, a much needed (non-competitive) win.  It was one of those days.

And also, when friends note how they still check this space it’s a good reminder that you enjoy writing and to get back at it (thanks Mike J.)

So… here we go.  Ready?

First let’s talk about how I’m kind of broken right now… I dealt with my nagging shoulder issues for months now and never bothered to do anything about it mostly because I hate stopping and I know that the only real solution is rest – complete and utter rest – and an abusive relationship with my physio but that’s another story (love you Andrew).

Spent the morning getting needled and swearing out loud (see, not a positive relationship at all) and having a dead achy shoulder all day long.  I knew that I’d be subbing in the WOD.

Strict press

Minh and I were both down a shoulder so we were instructed to do one arm dumbbell presses.  It worked well though 17.5 was really hard (I did it in the warmup time just to see if I could) then 15kg was pretty easy so I switched to 16kg KB for the last set then gave 17.5kg a go again just to see if I could (I couldn’t – the second rep even was crap) – still made it work.

Chest to overhead (60/42.5)
Deadlift (60/42.5)
200m run
6:16 (15kg DB/ Rx/ Rx)

Again, used a db for the WOD and did all one arm chest to overhead.  The 15kg was a solid weight even though I managed to go unbroken throughout it was still a struggle physically though my mental strength got me through (especially when I saw others putting the bar down).  The deadlifts were good, not too heavy but still taxing.  Had to keep reminding myself to breath.  And the runs were good – 200m isn’t a bad distance.  It wasn’t far enough for the fast boys just behind me to catch up so I managed to win the heat – and while I know it’s not a competition it was just one of those days where I needed the win personally.  It was a shit day and I felt strong and solid and gave everything in that wod and it paid off.

Thankfully too it stopped raining between the start of class and the WOD otherwise we would have had to row (and I would have had 50 DU’s to do instead – though that might have been fun too).

Also, the final inspiration of this post was to note how my words were used against me last night – and it was a good thing.  I think it might have been when I was trying the 17.5kg db again at the end that I said ‘I can’t do it for three’ and Mingh turned to me and said ‘you’ve already talked yourself out of it, there’s no way you’ll do it now’ and I had to change my mindset before picking it up.  He has a point, it makes a HUGE difference – believe in ourselves and though it’s easy to forget sometimes in the moment it was a reminder I needed.  I think it also helped me during the WOD to push through my perceived mental barriers and keep grinding out the remaining reps each set rather than resting.  Thanks Minh.

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