Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/3 – Choose your Own (Weight and Height) Adventure

Definitely feeling trap soreness after getting back into it on Monday night – likely a case of (too) many burpees… alas.  This is what I earned after a week of lovely leisure.  Anyway, the WOD for today looked innocent enough on paper but it was anything but in reality.

Alternating EMOM for 10 Minutes
15 Kettlebell Swings
15 Box Jumps
24kg (20kg for last 2 rounds)
24” (rebounded all rounds)

We were able to choose our own KB weight and box height for this and then we partnered up with one of us starting on the KB (Ali) and the other (me) on the box jumps.  It was tough right from the start – the KB swings specifically.  For most of the rounds I was finishing the box jumps in about 30 seconds rebounding them all and where required resting for an extra breath (or two) on top of the box.  The KB swings slowed me right down – a combination of feeling it in my back and my hands hurting (afraid of tearing them actually).  I did the first two rounds unbroken at 24kg then split up the third into 10-5.  I put on my weight belt starting the 4th round as this is when I really started to feel it in my back but it came undone for some reason and instead of fixing it I just jumped on the unmanned 20kg KB beside me for the 13 additional reps which I think I still split up.  It was touch.  The last round I just grabbed the 20kg and went 10-5 again on the reps.  Ouch.  Definitely a challenge overall but happy to have finished it, more happy overall with my box jumps – seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve done them.

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