Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/4 – The Running WOD

The day came – the day of the 5km run WOD.  I actually showed up to it too.  I dreaded it all day (dislike running immensely) but still made it to the box, still laced up my shoes and got my game face on and while I moaned through the warm up (and my aching calves) I smiled and stayed positive throughout the 5 lap run and this helped me immensely.

Spoiler alert:  CROSSFIT WORKS!

5km run

I am not a runner nor will I ever choose to be.  I have tried in the past and have completed a half marathon but I get bored and I just don’t find the ease and enjoyment of running like some do.  I can push myself to new frontiers mentally and physically in a good old hybrid WOD but running isn’t a place where I am happy being in that unhappy place.  Still, when I have to bust out a 5km run though I am happy to say that I can.  I am even happier to say that I can do it (mostly) at a sub 5:30/km pace (the 4th km pace was 5:37).

Beforehand I was hoping for a time of 25 minutes maximum but I didn’t have it today. Still I was quite happy with the achievements I did make – I didn’t stop.  I kept a positive outlook even when things started to hurt (stupid right IT band) and I pushed through when I wanted to quit.  It wasn’t easy - though I had my music, I didn’t have anyone to pace off of and when Bruce passed me halfway through the 4th lap I presumed he was lapping me like a couple of the boys already had and though I stayed with him for a little bit I backed off knowing that I still had 1.5 laps to get through – turns out he was behind me the first 3.5 laps – sneaky!

Still, I read a ton of runner blogs and note paces held around the 9min/mile mark (5:50/km) and realized that I managed this without regularly running for which I am hugely stoked.  It also gives me a bit more confidence for holding on during the upcoming Tough Mudder – though I know that is a much longer distance I still felt fairly comfortable after the 5km mark to keep going if I had to – I have a pace it’s not a killer pace but it’s one I can maintain (again, I don’t like going to that ‘this hurts’ place).

Anyway, as much as I didn’t want to do this I was happy when it was over though now my calves are uber tight (between the box jump rebounding and the run) – mobilizing barely made a difference.  Ouch.

Rest day Thursday though – so excited!!!

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