Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/13 - squats box jumps and abs

Had a nice long chat with Coach Match before the session today basically wondering what to sub in for today’s WOD.  He wondered if perhaps I should just be resting entirely but I don’t want to do that though I am stuck with only a few movements that I can actually do (all lower body) – he just didn’t want me to become discouraged or bored doing box jumps and sit-ups etc. all the time BUT… I don’t mind that at all, I like the environment, the community and the varying format of the WOD as I tend to change movements and yet keep the same rep scheme or time domain, etc. So… today’s WOD (as altered).
8 min AMRAP -
8 OHS (30/45kg) squat box jumps (20”)
8 Thrusters ab-mat sit-ups with 10kg plate

8 rounds
The initial suggestion was back squats however I’ve already done two days of heavy backsquats on Sunday and Monday so we changed it up.  I’d originally proposed high box jumps (28”) but he thought that squat box jumps would more accurately represent thrusters (and also be a challenge!).  They were hard though with only 8 reps I could get through them fairly steadily and then it was the weighted sit-ups.  Normally I’d hold the plate overhead but with my shoulder as it is I just hugged the plate instead (and have bruises now where it was hitting my belly).  These also were steady.  I was hot but otherwise kept moving through out and managed to just squeak in 8 rounds.  I’m happy with that.
After the WOD we had a bit of a rest (didn’t feel like much at all) and then we did the afterWOD.  I knew it was going to suck but I also knew that the 1 mile time I had on the PR board was a crappy one that occurred the day after I’d returned from my trip back to Canada and I was pretty ill at the time – I actually think I finished the run then ran and vomited.  Good times.  I just had to get through the mile and chances were that I’d PR. 
1 mile run or row for time

7:27 run

I started out with a bunch of the tall guys and for some reason both Jack and Glen were behind me.  Jack passed me not long into the run but Glen never did.  Odd as he’s got about 6” on me in height.  As we got to the first little downhill part of the loop Angie passed me.  My legs had suddenly become aware of all the box jumps and the previous two days of back squats and were a bit jello-like.  From there on I just tried to keep pace with Angie and I did but then she pulled out after the first lap (800m) as her knee was acting up.  Uh-oh, lap two on my own knowing that Glen wasn’t far behind – I could hear him throughout and see him at the turns.  I did not want to lead most of the way only to get passed in the end.  I decided to push it up the little hill and just try to hang on from there (200m) and I did.  I was happy with my 7:27 minute time as I’m not a runner nor will I (probably) ever be – I just don’t enjoy it at all.  That being said, when I was training (and ran) my half marathon in 2011 I had an average pace of 10-10:30 minutes/ mile so even without the running training I’ve significantly dropped my mile time (thanks Crossfit!)

Met up with Cam for coffee afterward and while it was fun it was also a little bit hard (though necessary) to be repeatedly told to take care of my shoulder and stop being stupid.  He even agreed that I might have to skip Murph on the 24th which kind of makes me a little sad and while I’m not making that decision yet I am going to be a bit smarter – including doing everything I can to not sleep on my left side, maintaining a steady stream of anti-inflamatories and going for some dry needling (appointment scheduled for tomorrow).  I know I’ll be using it at Affiliate Cup on Saturday and that will definitely set me back but that’s a non-negotiable.  I’m committed to that and can do it without doing any damage I just get to pay the price afterward (in pain) but so it goes. 

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  1. I'm sure everyone is telling you this, but... take care of yourself! There should be no rush to get better. How did the Affiliate Cup go?