Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/7 - More leg smashing... and now rest

Last day at the box this week then two full days of rest (with a massage too!) before the final WLC WOD and Affiliate Cup training on Sunday morning.  Once again I was determined to not use my shoulder – coming in though I saw ‘Elizabeth’ on the board – cleans and ring dips – two movements I could not do.  I talked briefly to Coach Match before we started the warm up on what I could substitute suggesting box jumps and back squats though back squats were out because of the bars being used for the ring dips so it was a bit undecided until we started getting the bars out – it was at that point that Jack (oh-so-kindly) suggested pistols to which Match and Tim both jumped on as a GREAT idea and so it was, my iWOD. 

Cleans (45/60kg) Box Jumps (24”) 
Ring dips Pistols


Box Jumps (20”)

I fully admit to cursing at Jack (repeatedly since he was right beside me - sorry Jack!) about suggesting pistols especially after the bashing my legs took the night before.  I wasn’t even sure I could do pistols and while they were working on the clean warm up I was trying to figure out how to use my legs.  I ended up scaling the pistols – using a 5kg plate for counter balance – but surprisingly through the WOD then got easier the more that I did.  It still takes me a  few seconds to set up and ‘get ready’ to drop which is where I lose so much of my time but they are getting better.  I was focused on stabilizing my core (belly button down and back) and engaging my glutes before I dropped which seemed to work when I could pull it all together.

The box jumps were fine – steady – constant pace.  I just focused on the box each time trying to avoid face planting though had already gotten agreement (in my mind at least) that Jack would stop his WOD and come and pick me up if I bit it… heh. 

I was done before anyone else and given we had a 12 minute cut-off I figured I’d keep going.  I didn’t have much left in my legs so on the fly I flipped the box over to 20” and did box jumps thinking perhaps I’d alternate with regular air squats but it’s already been a heavy week for them so I went with sit-ups – quick and (relatively) painless (though my abs do still hurt from ‘Cindy’).

Definitely letting my legs rest now for the rest of the week.  Once again my compression tights were thrown on almost immediately upon getting home and they seem to be doing their job.  Last night just before I drifted off to sleep I had a nice tingly relaxed feeling that seemed to indicate there was some circulation going and walking isn’t so bad this morning – we’ll have to see how that progresses through the day (again).  Ha. 

Agonized over my glutes and calves
Couldn’t bring myself to roll out my quads or IT band

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