Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/21 - more legs... ouch!

Jump squats
Hand-release push-ups push press (18kg)
8:38 (forgot to write my score on the board!)

I’m going to be really happy when I can just do the workouts as written without subbing movements – it’s getting tiring.  Anyway…

I liked this WOD – though it seemed like it’d be tricky to count going into it I didn’t actually use my wipe board that had the rounds written down.  I was too busy transitioning between movements (and there was a lot of this).  The jump squats (though torturous) went quick enough as did the push presses – going straight overhead is okay for my shoulder (light weight).  Initially Coach Match told me to do strict presses so I did for the first round of 12 before he told me to switch into push pressing so I could keep the same pace as the push-ups were going.  This worked well as I fed off of Kayla and tried to keep up with her throughout all the movements.  Sit-ups were solid and (oddly) fun while the double unders were fast.  I was wearing my new Inov-8’s and didn’t love skipping in them because they have a bigger tread that gets caught more than my Bare-XF’s do.  I managed all but one set however unbroken so it wasn’t a big deal.

New Shoes!

I LOVED seeing those who are just getting double unders and/or who can only do a few at a time doing double unders in this WOD.  It’s how it all starts – first it’s a WOD with small sets of double unders and before long it’ll be all WODs with double unders.  So proud to see the progress of everyone I train alongside. 

Tabata Ski Squats

These sucked.  Every single 20 second round of them.  But we made it.  My legs were jelly afterward and after getting off my motorbike once I got home one leg actually buckled as I walked down the driveway to get the mail.  Slept in compression tights last night – they felt good!

Proof that I did actually do the WOD and also to show how Kayla and I coordinated our shirts, haha
I (surprisingly) look bored... not the case at all! Ouch! Source

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