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9/17 - Handstands, CJ’s and WLC Day 3…

Woke up Monday feeling a bit beaten up from the SUP race.  I've also spent the last 3 days in a full on state of exhaustion - I napped both saturday and sunday pretty solidly for a few hours each and have been getting to bed before 10pm every night and still I'm ready to sleep wherever I am.  I feel like I need a break, a few days of nothing but alas.

As I lay in bed I could feel the sore/tiredness in my legs and as the morning progressed the tightness in my traps started giving me a headache.  Not a great start to the week.  How did I solve it? I pulled out my mobility ball from my desk drawer and started digging into those sore muscles in my shoulders.  It helped a bit.  I followed this up with some more serious mobilization once I got to the box (early for a change which was great).

After a bit of mobilizing and stretching it was play time before the 5pm class started.  And by playtime I mean handstand walks.  This is so fun for me.  I remember back when we were on the other side of Revolution Sports and our box was half as long as it is now and I really wanted to walk the distance of it then.  I never could.  But now, now I can cover the distance of our new box and I’m also working on trying to do a 180 degree turn on my hands so I can change direction and walk back.  As I was trying to practice turns Coach Tim suggested doing these mini-figure 8’s around two small plates.  We alternated giving it a go and I’d pretty much get stuck each time on the turn.  Only once did I make it to the turn and back before falling over.  It was a blast.  I finished with one more walk across the room – shoulders were definitely warmed up.

Run 150
Parking lane shuttle with 1 burpee at first 5 lines
Starting again at first line side shuffle shuttle
High kicks
Run back to box
Shoulder mobilization with bands
Squat technique

2-2-2-2-2 Clean & Jerk

This was a good one.  Coach Match asked me afterwards my thoughts on the WOD and I have to say I really liked it for several reasons:
-it was on a Monday so there was less exhaustion when lifting heavy(ish)
-there was no real time pressure to get through it like on days when we do strength then a WOD so there was lots of time to focus
-it was a relaxed environment, again lifting heavy without the pressure
-it was challenging but yet doable for everyone
-it’s always a blast to lift/drop heavy things

I did two reps with an empty bar then started to quickly increase the weight to my working sets.  I knew it’d be around 50kg (hoping slightly more) so I progressed to this weight at 40kg-45kg-50kg.  Turned out that 50kg was where I needed to be for today.  It was tough but definitely doable but I’m not sure I would have gotten much more and honestly didn’t even want to try with the way I was feeling.

I struggled a bit in the middle few rounds.  I dumped the bar twice in a row trying to squat clean it because I was jumping back again from in and slacking off in my mid-line stability as Coach Tim put it (truth).  I was collapsing at the bottom and had no choice but to dump the weight.  I tried to focus a bit more on this and some of the reps ended up more as power cleans rather than full squat cleans.  I also struggled a bit on the jerk portion but Coach Match really helped fix that up quick.  He said I was dipping too low in the initial hitch and losing all my power and instead I should just have a little dip and focus on tightening up my butt which on its own would propel me upwards like I needed.  The first time I tried this I was so focused on little dip and the butt squeeze that I forgot to do my leg split and got all confused and dumped the weight behind me.  I probably could have controlled it overhead as I pretty much had it up but the confusion in my head with what my legs were doing threw off all my concentration.  Ha.  The next attempt worked much better and felt more like what I’m used to.  It felt stronger and cleaner and made me realize on my other attempts I was actually afraid of the weight.  Perhaps not so much afraid as timid in terms of lifting I think mostly because I was just fatigued and it was kind of heavy.  After I had finished the 5 rounds at 50kg I dropped the weight to 40kg and did two reps focused on really good technique and it felt solid so I was happy with that.

Post WOD

Did way more than the required 10 minutes of mobility.  It was closer to about 25 minutes.  I started with my glutes and quads then spent a good portion of time in my lats and upper back.  It felt good.  Definitely all needed.

WLC Day 3

Where to start on this one.  I ate clean all day, hit the mobility, workout and fish oil for a perfect score on the day but I don’t really get any satisfaction from it because it’s a pretty typical day for me.   I am however pretty excited for tonight as it’s the first food exchange with Angie and Brenda… they’re getting kangaroo fajitas with homemade salsa and banana muffins from me so I hope they enjoy it.   I guess I just need to focus on the little things with this challenge – perhaps take the challenge part out of it, I don’t know.  Again, I think I struggle with some random (unknown even) people half way around the world setting some rules and then some ridiculous bonus challenge for the competition aspect.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully support asking about food you’re eating when you go out to restaurants and making good choices from that information but I don’t like being told that I have to go out to eat 3 times this week in order to gain points.  Part of this challenge for me is to actually eat out less, force myself to cook more/ better.  I know however what Match would say to me on this and it’s really quite simple – then just don’t do it and don’t get the points and that’s pretty much how it’s going to go.  I’m not trying to be difficult about this but again, it’s about my choices and my life not about how someone else is telling me how to live.  I think if I was just starting on this healthy eating journey it would be different but right now for me I’m flexing my choices muscles and being okay with that.

Oddly enough, my post from yesterday resonated with Brenda and she too sees that sometimes the sacrifices of following the rules/ eating perfectly is worth it in order to spend time with loved ones (or whatever is equally important to you as an individual).  It’s about choice and balance and most importantly being happy – I’ll take those 3 over being perfect any day.

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