Friday, September 21, 2012

9/20 - WLC Day 6

Today was a 'rest' day.  I managed to sneeze this morning and my response was 'ouch' as my coworker laughed, asked 'are you okay' and followed up with 'are you sure?' after I said I was.  But don't make me laugh... it still hurts.  Hello abs, I know you're there.  All of you.

Whole Life Challenge Day 6

Today was another perfect day.  I truly find it really easy during the week to stay on track.  I do a bit batch of cooking on the weekends so I have enough tasty food for lunches and typically make some form of eggs for second breakfast (around 9-10am) though for the past few days have been going without - I think it started after Tuesday's morning meeting.  I get a bit hungry but just hold off until lunch and eat then.  It's been okay.  As a backup they do make eggs in the cafe downstairs but as of yet I haven't been tempted at all.

Speaking of temptations - last night I had the BIGGEST sugar craving.  And not just sugar, I wanted chocolate in any form.  Thankfully my house is lacking in anything chocolate (thanks Tim!*) and I fully understand why you're told to clean out your cupboards before starting challenges such as this.  It's weird that it was such a huge yearning for something sweet, that never really happened to me during the primal challenge though I guess it once again reminds me just how much sugary/ sweets I'd been letting slip into my diet before this challenge started.  I figure a few more days and I'll be once again craving red meat over anything sweet, just gotta resist.

*Tim (and probably Jack) house sat for me when I was back in Canada and discovered and demolished the chocolate in my cupboard like any growing boys would... it worked out for the best for all of us!

I'm back on a perfect score on the WLC leaderboard after the website fiasco that was Sunday - they gave everyone across the competition perfect scores for this day so it was a great day to drink a bunch of beer and eat greasy food.  It's not really about the numbers for me though and I know that weekends will continue to be tough (crossfit comp on saturday will likely result in craving more greasy foods) but I'll keep at it.  I think if I can manage perfect weekdays then I'll accept whatever comes on the weekends (within reason of course).

I worked late last night.  I went back to sleep for 40 minutes after my normal workday alarm because I was so tired (been noted in many posts this week).  It was good for me and I got so much more done in the extra hour I stayed behind at work too.  I got home about 6:30 and knew I still had to get my 'workout' and mobility in.  The mobility is the easy part as I can do that sitting on my floor watching mindless tv but I wanted to also get a walk it and I did.  It was only about 15 minutes or so - up to Monument Hill around the block and back but it was nice (albeit slightly creepy) to be out in the fresh air.  It was a good, relaxing night.  I made myself a tasty (and quick - only 15 minutes) dinner... pan fried pork chops with leftover homemade salsa and mashed sweet potato and fried cabbage (leftovers for lunch!), got my mobility in and went to bed early (again) with my book.

I also got to hang out with my buddy on my walk, he(?) always seems to know when I'm walking by...

One day I'll figure out his(?) name...

One further note on my post last night about measurements (thanks for the comment btw Tim!) -  I think overall I'm happiest about how my (new) clothes fit more than anything.  I pretty much have a new wardrobe from this time last year - I've dropped several clothes sizes.  Back in Canada I was generally a 12-14, sometimes a 10 (north american sizes) and now I'm a 2-4 for pants, 6-8 for lululemon generally and I like being able to go in a easily find clothes my size on the racks - usually I pick up something and have to go back for a smaller size as I've underestimated where I am now but there are worse problems to have.

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