Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/4 - more burpees... and c2b...

Remember Monday night when I did 100 burpees ‘for fun time’… and remember last Thursday when the chest to bar pull-ups left me literally bleeding and broken?  Well, guess how I felt when I saw both on the board for last night’s WOD…  miserable.  In fact that is probably an understatement to how my mood shifted.  Jaimie even noted it – something along the lines of me usually getting after everything and how tonight I wasn’t into it – brought on by my saying I was going to quit if my hands ripped on the bar and how I was going to use bands and everything else in between.  I honestly wished I had stayed home.  But alas…

Leg swings forward/backward/sides
High knees – forward/backward
Butt kicks – forward/ backward
Bear crawl
30 mountain climbers
Bear crawl (turns out Coach Tim will let me handstand walk instead of bear crawl – next time!)
Air squats
Shoulder mobility 

1 RM bench press
20-30-40(f)-40 (PR)-37.5

Thirty didn’t feel hard at all but the jump up to 40 was probably a bit too big in one go.  I missed the first time partly because I wasn’t well positioned under the bar and ended up  hitting the pin on the way up.  The second time I got it but really struggled through my left shoulder.  I felt the weakness in it and though I made the lift I knew it wasn’t great.  I did 37.5kg after just for one more lift but again I should have known better as it did no favors to my hurting shoulder. 

3 rounds
15 chest to bar pull-ups
20 burpees
15 SDHP (30/45kg) 
13:10 (red band strict/ Rx)

This was a struggle right from the start.  I knew I’d be needing bands and this really played with my head.  It’s been so long since I’ve needed them for pull-ups that using them now kind of feels like a step backwards and it’s a huge mental struggle.  Really mental.  But as Angie said afterwards, as long as I’m working at the same capacity and totally pushing myself then it doesn’t matter if I’m using bands or not (paraphrased, clearly).  And it’s true.  And I get that.  But still… mental mind f@$% (personally).  It really just tells me that I need to work on c2b a lot more.  A lot! 

I did the first two reps with just the yellow band but knew I wasn’t going to go much farther with just that so I switched over to the orange band and did the first set kipping with orange but I could feel my hands rebelling.  The second set I grabbed a red band but told myself I was going to do them strict because I had a bigger band and that this would also help my hands and so I did for all the remaining except I think maybe two in the last round where I needed a bit of a kip to get it done.

The burpees – as usual – are all about getting through them.  Just.keep.moving.  In all three rounds I made it through 15 straight then had to stop for a few breaths before tackling the last 5 and they hurt.  I could feel the 100 from the previous day which made it that much tougher.  The SDHP’s were the ‘rest’, even at Rx weight.  I did 10-5 in the first and third rounds and 6-6-3 in the middle round as I had to stop and readjust my grip.

I finished the WOD and it was hard but still manageable I think like I said it was just a mental struggle to resort to using bands.  I know it’s not a bad thing but I also don’t want to do it.  I want to feel like I’m still making forward progress and this felt anything but.  I remember back last November-December-January where I started to make big improvements – I was going heavier and I knew that I might not make cut-offs or I’d finish last and while that too was a mental battle I got through it and I got better because of it.  I have spent the last few months typically Rx-ing WODs and not always being the last person finished and it’s been great but I think maybe I might be back to climbing that hill again in order to make the same gains I did last go round.  Heavier/slower but in the end stronger and fitter.  As much as we Crossfit for physical health it’s just as full of the mental challenges that ultimately make us better all around.  Always learning. 

Shoulder mobility (so much ouch!) - and chatting with Angie (the best!)

Some great videos for shoulder mobility tips: 

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