Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gearing up for CFT

Word has leaked that tonight we're doing CFT at Cooee... I did this WOD at Kits on August 3rd and PR-ed all three of the lifts.  To say I'm excited to do it again is an understatement!  I really want to up my score from 207.5kg though I know it'll be tough especially considering the current condition of my (very sore) quads and hamstrings.

That being said I'm fully prepared:
-black 'bad ass' socks, black tank and hot pink shorts (clearly the perfect outfit is key to heavy lifting) and a reason to wear the same shorts two days in a row just because they are hot pink

-nails also redone (a necessity all on it's own) in an appropriate shade - black
-I've reread my previous summary from doing this and although conditions were different (the amount of time to complete for big example) there are other things now in my favor instead (home turf, lifting shoes, friends pushing me hard)
-I've been focusing on my backsquat all day - I really want to hit 75kg.  I know I can, I was close last time so I just have to (wo)man up and do it.
-Same for my deadlift.  I know I got 100kg, easy.  I am pretty sure I can get 102.5kg at least if not 105kg.  That's my aim.  It has to be.
-I am determined to match my strict press PR from last time - 35kg.  

I'm ready. Let's do this!

Hot pink shorts are for setting PR's

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