Monday, September 17, 2012

WLC Banana Muffins/Bread

Took my favorite banana bread recipe and remade it using only WLC compliant ingredients.  The batch ended up being more than the usual one loaf size which was actually a good thing as I made mini-muffins with the extra and these turned out much better than the ‘bread’ did. 

Banana Bread/Muffin Recipe

3-4 mashed bananas
3 eggs (2 might have been okay)
¼ cup date paste
¼ cup coconut oil
Blend all the above and add to
3 cups almond meal
1 tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
Mix and then add
¼ flax seeds
½ cup cacao nibs
½ chopped nuts
Bake until done (again, I didn’t actually time this)

Note that all measurements are approximate – I oringinally had only 2 cups of almond meal (per old recipe) but found I had to add more to get the right consistency for banana bread.  The last items you can play around with as well to your preferences. 

As I mentioned, the mini-muffins turned out quite well.  They cooked easy and came out whole which is more than the (failed) banana bread which stuck to the bottom of the pan (even though I coated it in coconut oil) so it was a bit of a fail in that sense.  They both taste really good though and are fairly close to the original version.  The date paste worked really well for sweetness and the cacao nibs easily replaced the hint of chocolate that I usually add though with a bit more crunchiness thank chocolate chips.  

Tasty Muffins (look darker than they actually are)

Banana Bread - looks good from the oven

Banana Bread Fail out of the pan

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