Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/11 – Monday Night Run Club?

After two blissful days of doing very little including skipping a Sunday morning SUP session as the burpee/snatch combo (finally) caught up to me it was back to Southern on Monday night.  Surprisingly, I was looking forward to the WOD even though – get this – it was a run.

Yup, a 3km run for time.  But back up a bit.

I was late getting out of work, just barely but those 10 minutes make all the difference in both getting to and getting down the highway to the box.  I knew I’d be cutting it close and was sure I’d be late – I was.  I arrived a couple minutes past the start of class (4:30) and changed quickly.  I then got into the workout area and saw the class warming up.  It was about 7 minutes past the start time.  I put on my shoes, filled up my water bottle and contemplated whether I wanted to incur burpee penalties (for being late) just to do a run or whether I just wanted to kill another 20 minutes before heading to the other side for some Barbell Club. 

I knew I wouldn’t hear the end of it (and I’d feel guilty a bit) if I didn’t do the run because Cam was in the class and staring me down and also I knew full well that Barbell Club would be there when I finished… so… burpee time it was.  As if I hadn’t had enough on Friday night.

Coach Scotty handed down the wrath (kidding) – but he did tell me I owed 30 burpees.  So not only did I choose to go to a run time trial WOD but I also did 30 burpees as a buy in for being late.  Who am I?  Ha.

3km Time Trial
14:21 (PR – also first time I’ve done it but still)

Thankfully I brought my ipod along.  I was happy to have music for the rather dull 3 laps around the 1km block.

I think I was last off the start – well, Chelsea was behind me but it took her about 10m to get in front of me.  I knew better than to try and chase.  I generally have one speed when running and trying to keep pace/ go faster at the start would be a recipe for disaster for me and so I held back, running my speed not anyone elses.  This ended up working well for me.  My split times were decent (4:32, 4:53, 4:56) and I’m happy with them.  I did drop off after the first lap but not too badly (I think).  I managed to say within a couple of meters of Chelsea on the first lap – she had me by 4 seconds at the end of 1km.  We reeled in a guy on this lap too which was awesome.  About ¼ of the way through the second lap I’d had enough of following her and as we started to reel in another guy (Chelsea and I were the only girls in class – the others were ALL guys) I passed them both and (thankfully) managed to hold them both off.  It was a challenge though to be in front of them both knowing full well they were right there but given that I couldn’t see them I had to keep mentally pushing myself.

As I mentioned, the ipod was a good help.  The first song I listened to lasted about ¾ of the first lap so I knew it’d be about 4 songs before I was finished.  I settled in and kept going.  By far the last lap was a struggle.  It hurt but I pushed, promising myself that I didn’t have to do anything else that night, that I could skip Barbell Club and it’d be fine.  Like that actually happened…  more on that in the next post (I’m getting too far behind on this poor little blog of mine).

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