Monday, March 25, 2013

3/20 – Wall Balls! Oly!

Took Monday and Tuesday off as rest days as my shoulder was hurting quite a bit after the SUP race.  It’s really awesome living with Cam as well as he makes sure I take care of myself (he wasn’t exactly pleased with me racing when it was hurting on Sunday afternoon – oops)

Was back at the box on Wednesday and was happy to see wall balls knowing that they were going to make an appearance in the Open WODs at some point.

3 rounds
200m Run
15 Wall Balls 20/16lb
15 Hand Release Push Ups Ring Rows
8:28 (Wall Balls to 10’)

The walls have two actual circular targets on them around the room – one at 8’ and one at 10’.  Coach Scotty mentioned that the boys should do 20lbs to 10’ and the girls 14lbs to 8’.  I asked him if the games standard was going to be the higher 10’ line for girls (at the lighter weight) and he said ‘likely’ so I chose to do this.  It was hard.  I didn’t mind the running but the wall balls were a struggle.  I think I started out at sets of 5 and then near the end was doing 3’s and 2’s.  It was a mental battle as I was chasing another girl the whole way and I’d get in front on the run only to have her pass me on the wall balls/ pushups but I had to remind myself that though the higher target was taking longer it was better for me and to stick with it. I even managed to no rep myself once when I missed the wall.  Overall it was a good one and great practice for what was to come.

Headed over to the other side afterward for some strength/ oly work.

10 x shoulder rolls
10 x hips to roof
10 x lying leg cross
10 x scorpions

2 rounds with bar
5 muscle snatch
5 snatch balance
5 squat snatch

5 x 3 reps power snatch

Wanted to go up in weight and tried one rep at 35kg and felt how much it hurt my shoulders so pulled it back.  At one point Coach Hayden said to have more confidence in locking out my arms because I had it and I had to mention that I was favoring my shoulders.  Probably shouldn’t have done oly class but power snatches are my fave.

5 x 2 reps hang squat clean

Again tried 35kg and immediately knew it was a bad idea so I stayed with 30kg and really focused on technique.  Coach Hayden told me to focus on fast elbows which I think with the lighter weight was a bit more difficult without me taking my head off (hit myself in the throat a few times which really hurt).

3 x max plank hold
3 x max side plank (alt sides)
3 x max hollow body hold
46 seconds – 45 seconds – 45 seconds

Skipped the planks because of the shoulders and was going to skip out on this altogether but then decided to throw some abs in and did the hollow body holds.  Ouch!  They hurt, a lot.  Feeling like I have good form on them though but tough.  Alternated between hands overhead and then by my sides as I was tiring.

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