Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/22 - 2013 Open WOD 13.3

CrossFit Games WOD 13.3
150 Wall balls (16 lbs to 9' target)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Ah, this one again.  Lovely 12.4 has become 13.3.  I did not do well at this one at all last year.  I didn’t make it through the wall balls – scored 126 to be exact and didn’t love any part of it.  It was also only the second time I had done wall balls so there was that.  This year I’ve done a few more wall balls but still not enough for me to be confident I’d get through them.  Thankfully though we had a Wednesday’s WOD to practice – they felt hard.  I was scared.

My goal was to get through the wall balls.  That’s it.  I wanted 1 single DU.  I had Coach Tara judging me which was awesome.  She helped me keep moving.  I wanted it bad.  I did 10 wall balls on my first set then pretty much went with sets of 5.  It worked.  Tara mentioned that after I got to 100 reps I started moving a little faster.  I remember at rep 75 that I though ‘shit, this is just half way’ and it was slightly daunting.  I think after the 100 mark I could start to see the finish line and just kept at it.  I had about a minute to do DU’s when I finished.  Walking to my rope I was really emotional – happy, a little teary and proud.  Definitely proud.  I knew I had plenty of time for DU’s (to get more than 1) and then  I tripped on the first one.   Coach Jono yelled at me from across the room to slow down and take my time.  I got right back into it.  I tripped several times but also got out a few good chunks and at the end of it all had managed 52 reps.  Ecstatic.

Cam did the WOD in the sports class.  I was cheering him on as Brendan judged and was stoked for him when he beat my score.  Truly happy – we both gave it our all.  I am more than proud of my accomplishment and it was made even sweeter to see him excel too.  It meant I lost the bet but I had a great time cooking him an EPIC breakfast on Sunday morning.  It was a feast that I also had the pleasure of enjoying (minus the smoked salmon, gross).

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