Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/21 - Run-Row

Row 1 Km (3:54 split – 6 second PR)
Run 1 Km

Just like the 3km run last week I also showed up for the 1km row/ 1km run this week – and just like the 3km run last week I got there a bit late this week as well and had to do burpees to start class.  Two of my least favorite things – running and rowing – and I not only show up for the WODs but also do burpees in order to participate.  Who am I?  Oddly enough I much preferred to be doing burpees while the others did leg warm ups – hopping and lunging and all that.

We did this WOD in two heats or at least staggered ourselves due to the number of rowers.  I was in the first heat and felt pretty solid on the row – at least through the first half.  I was (almost) effortlessly maintaining a 1:53/500m split time with about 30 strokes per minute.  Solid.  The guy beside me was holding the same pace as me but looked to be working twice as hard.  I fell off that though in the second half – my glutes started to tighten up and the pace trailed off to just over the 2:00/500m.  I kept at it though and managed to shave 6 seconds off of my previous 1km PR.  Sweet.

The transition to the run was the funniest part as it always is.  I walked the 3m to the doorway trying to get my glutes to work again and then started a wobbly run around the block.  It sucked.  That’s about all I can say for it. I just kept reminding myself that it was only one lap rather than the 3 we did the previous week and to just get it over with.  I’d got out the door a few steps ahead of a guy and all I could think the entire lap was that he was right behind me (it sounded like it at least).  I couldn’t really get a handle on the distance between us I just knew that I didn’t want to get passed so I kept at it and did manage to pull in first. 

I didn’t like this WOD but I was super happy to have done it as it’ll only make me stronger as we run and row more in WODs.  Another day in the books.

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