Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/8 - 2012 Open WOD 13.1

Burpees and snatches and burpees and snatches and more burpees just for fun.

17 minute cut-off
40 burpees
30 snatches (20/35kg)
30 burpees
30 snatches (35/60kg)
20 burpees
30 snatches (45/75kg)
10 burpees
AMRAP snatches (55/95kg)
150 (completed up to 45kg snatches)

I was looking forward to this one after it came out.  I wasn’t sure how long 17 minutes would or wouldn’t be but I love snatches and am learning to love burpees so it was game on.

There was also a little wager on the line with Cam (as there will be for all 5 of the open workouts).  Loser had to wash the winners car – wager set before the WOD was announced – this one definitely worked in my favor (especially given the weight jump for the boys).

Like everyone else I had a bit of a plan going into it and a target I wanted to reach.  I wanted to at least have a shot at the 45kg snatch – I had two tries (though missed both).  My plan, pretty straight forward really – pace the workout and finish each stage in the following approximate times (total time into the WOD):

40 burpees – 3 minutes
30 snatches @ 20kg – 6 minutes
30 burpees – 9 minutes
30 snatches @ 35kg – 13 minutes
20 burpees – 16 minutes
1 minute to attempt snatches at 45kg

My plan was pretty much on par – at least overall.  I finished the first 40 burpees between 2:30-3 minutes and then I didn’t really watch the clock.  I knew that I started the 35kg snatches right about 9 minutes so knew I was on pace there.   Then when I finished the last 20 burpees I had just over a minute to attempt the snatches.  I did watch the clock here because I knew I’d only get a few chances to try and wanted to maximize my rest.  Turns out that I finished my 35kg snatches (tie-breaker time) at 13:45.

First off, if I were to do it again (and I most definitely wasn’t planning on doing it again) I wouldn’t wear my oly shoes.  That was a big mistake and I realized it after (during?) the first 40 burpees.  I really wanted to take them off after this but didn’t.  My legs were cramping up (quads and calves) I think because I was landing on my toes everytime I jumped forward (with the heel).  They felt fine in the warm up when I was only doing 10 or so at a time but not after a lot of reps.  This would hinder my attempts at 45kg.

The first 40 burpees I just kept moving and tried to not look up (and trust that the bar was there).  I probably missed 3 or 4 touches the entire time though just jumped again and kept going.  I think I needed to pay more attention to the line on the ground since when I was close to that with my feet then the bar touches were almost effortless.

The first set of snatches at 20kg I broke into sets of 5 from the beginning.  I remember ‘Randy’ and how I did the first 15 unbroken then only sets of 5 from there on and after 40 burpees I wanted to be sure to pace myself.  I didn’t rest too long in between, basically long enough to step over the bar and face the opposite way.  This worked well for me and kept me moving while still letting me give my arms a quick shake out.  Hook grip still isn’t natural for me however I should have been more aware of it and started on these lighter snatches with it just to save a bit more of my grip for when things got heavier.

The second set of burpees were just about fighting the  demons in my head.  I remember telling myself half way through that I loved burpees (still think that if I say it enough it’ll be true) – at least I don’t hate them as much any more.  I tried to just keep moving though there were times that I’d stop to breath and I would hear Coach Jono asking me to just keep moving for him – it was an interesting choice of words but oddly worked – it wasn’t an aggressive ‘get going ‘ or an in your face countdown it was just a serene and calm request and it made me get back to it. 

I’d watched Ali do the WOD first and noticed on the 35kg snatches that she’d lose a lot of time every time she dropped the bar as it’d bounce and she’d have to move it back, etc. so I didn’t really want to do that (at least for every rep).  I forced myself to do doubles each time even though some of the second reps were pretty ugly.  I this definitely saved me some time.  It was also good to have Luke there telling me to breath (in through your nose, out through the mouth) and counting down for me to get back on the bar – he kept using counts of 5 though and I’m more used to 3 so there were times I was back gripping the bar as he was still counting.

The last 20 burpees were tough.  They hurt, my legs were heavy though I really wanted to get back to the bar for the 45kg.  I changed the weights before each round of burpees, I’m not sure if there was any real advantage either way but it worked for me.  I was a bit more calm after the lifts than after the burpees so maybe it did help. 

I finished the burpees and looked at the clock.  I caught my breath, got ready and made an attempt at 45kg and I clearly remember when I tried to drop under it that my right calf just cramped right up.  I didn’t bend.  It truly was a strange feeling and was due to me being in my lifting shoes for all the burpees (lesson learned). 

There was time left for one more try.  I recall everyone being in my face talking me through this and that and get going and it just seemed like so much pressure.  Pressure that I didn’t need at that point.  I knew what I needed to do.  In hindsight what I really need to think/ hear at that point wasn’t about the set up or the pull but rather the finish – arms locked out over head and sticking the landing.  The finish.  When the weight gets heavy or I get tired I need the finish.  If I concentrate too hard on the front end of the lift I forget about where I’m trying to end up.  Need to remind myself to just focus on the finish.

I had about 15 seconds left on the clock as I set up and pulled the bar.  I dropped but not quite enough.  I got the bar over my head but my arms weren’t locked out – and I couldn’t press out 45kg – I tried, really hard.  I remember noticing that Cam saw me, I struggled but didn’t rush to drop the bar, I fought, I really wanted it but it wasn’t enough.  I lacked the strength and when I realized this I dumped the bar behind me – it was high enough – if I’d just locked out my arms it would have went.  I wish I’d had those reminders floating in my head.  It’s my new snatching matra ‘arms locked, stick it’.  I will get 45kg and soon.

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