Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/15 - 2013 Open WOD 13.2

CrossFit Games WOD 13.2
10 minute AMRAP
5 shoulder to overhead (35kg)
10 deadlifts (35kg)
15 box jumps
223 reps (7 rounds plus 13 reps)

This one was tough.  I knew going in that it was going to hurt but I was also clearly aware that it was only 10 minutes.  Not that long to push through.  What I really underestimated though was the 35kg shoulder to overhead and how much that would actually hurt (specifically my legs as I push jerked it).

I did this WOD in the last heat having seen a bunch of others go through it before me and I could tell it hurt, from start to finish.  The benefit of box jumps versus stepping up, transitioning between movements – there seemed to be no clear cut strategy through out.  It just looked like 10 minutes of hurt and it was.

I didn’t get a great warm-up which didn’t help me at all (I know better) but still I pushed through.  Right from the start the 35kg shoulder to overhead felt heavy and I decided I’d start right away with the push jerks (to conserve my arms) but turns out that this probably wasn’t the best decision for me as the extra dip of the jerk really took a toll on my legs as the rounds wore on.  I think in the middle I started to actually push press to alleviate the pain in my legs.  Toward the end of the time I could feel my poor form coming through as the lifts were starting to hurt my back.

The deadlifts were solid, I managed to focus on good form and keeping my knees out and that felt good (even on shaky legs).  There were a few times I stopped about half way through for an extra breath but I’m so happy I didn’t put the bar down at all through the set.  Pretty sure there were times in the later rounds that I dropped the bar from the shoulder to overheads before starting the deadlifts but I got right on it.

The box jumps were (insanely) my favorite part.  Gassy, true but they are something that I can do.  I think it helps to regularly practice rebounding on a 24” box so that when you get a 20” box you can do it no problem.  There was one round (I think the second to last) that I did a set of 5 step-ups in the middle and they seemed to hurt so much more plus they were slow.  I quickly went back to my sets of 5 rebounding with an extra breath in between (on the top of the box).  Felt better that way for me.

Overall I was expecting better but given how sore my shoulder felt when I was done I’m pretty sure on the day it was actually the most I had.  I was aiming for 8 full rounds and came up a little short but I had no plans to do it again.

Once again Cam and I had a little wager happening and I beat him (barely).  He bought me dinner at Gypsy Tapas in Freo which he also benefited from I guess... need to figure out the next wager now though.

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