Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3/23 – SXF Saturday SUP

Fun afternoon for a mid-open BBQ and playing on the SUPs with the SXF crew.  Managed to rent some boards from Stand Up Surf Shop in North Fremantle (thanks Cam McKay!) – Cam asked if we’d want lessons and I figured that with the group we had that just having the boards on the shore for everyone to grab and try out as they wanted would work best.  Talking with him afterward he noted that once he saw our group he knew we’d be fine without the lesson.  Ha.  I remember when Hayden asked me how he should be standing and I told him ‘just like you’re about to do a squat’.  Always love giving tips to people trying to paddle that know their bodies/ have the athletic ability to respond to cues.  The best one was when I told (my) Cam to use his lats – instant response. 

It was quite windy though everyone had a blast some making huge improvements over the couple of hours we were out there.  It’ll be great to do it again in the spring when conditions are probably a little easier (and warmer).

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