Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4/12 – Friday Night Free and Another PR

It’s both strange and awesome not to have Friday night sports class.  Strange in that I actually miss it.  I miss the badass-ness of it, everyone stepping up their games, leaving it all out there and doing extraordinary things.  The post Nando’s bonding, sweaty bodies squished in to the smallest of restaurants rehashing the events of the evening, being silly and laughing like crazy in a sleep deprived state.  It was awesome in that with it just being a WOD (and Barbell Club if you wanted) night it meant that we were done well before 8pm (or later) as so many of the last Friday’s have gone.  A bit of good, a bit of sad.

What it did mean though was WODing, still testing week and some more awesome programming. It also meant getting home and showering before walking to Nando’s in Freo.  Still though, tasty, tasty chicken.  Yum!

Find your 1RM deadlift
105kg PR


5 minute AMRAP
Toes to Bar

It’s been a long while since I’ve gone heavy in a deadlift.  They scare me somewhat given that I have hurt my back doing these in the past though I know that my technique has gotten much better since then (I’ve learned to use my glutes and hammies more).  Still, I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to match let alone beat my PR (102.5kg).  I had a solid plan working in with Steph and got up to 102.5kg without issue but jumping to 105kg was still a little scary for me.  Thankfully Cam was there and let me use his weight belt (the plan was to get one for me on Saturday – a day too late, oops).  It definitely helped if not physically (though still it did) then definitely mentally.  It was funny though – he has a leather belt with a buckle and Steph had to help me get into it (getting it tight enough was the issue).  Getting out of it was another story – both Wayne and Cam had to help, it was quite funny actually but definitely highlights the fact that I do need my own (appropriately sized too).

Happy with the PR though – that made 4 for the week!

The toes to bar AMRAP was tough, between my shoulders and hands it was not at all easy.  Shoulders especially.  I thought I’d use my game plan from the pull-up AMRAP and do 5 every 30 seconds for as long as I could – well that worked for the first minute then I was down to 3 every 30 seconds sometimes in only 2’s and 1’s.  I did however manage to hold this for the rest of the WOD and set a mark of 34 which I felt okay with given the state of my body.  I do still really need to work on linking the reps though – much easier when I’m not so tired and sore though.

Strong finish to the week.  Cam and I went in on Saturday and there was no way I was going to be doing the Sports Class WOD even though they did dumbbell snatches (my fave).  It was a good call to just hang out and rest my shoulders.  I do need to adjust my rest days now though to add in training on Saturday.  I’m thinking probably having Thursday as a rest day, we’ll see how that plays out going forward.

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