Friday, April 12, 2013

4/11 – Third PR this Week!


500m Row Time Trial



5 minute AMRAP

10 Kb Push Press 24/16kg

10m Shuttles

*At the start of every minute complete 10 Kettlebell Push Press, with the remaining time complete as many 10m shuttles as possible.

Score = Total Shuttles.

30 (2x12kg for 2 rounds then 2x10kg for last 3)

I wasn’t at all looking forward to the row, it’s less than a two minute effort but man does it always seem to hurt so bad.  I started out strong, easily (and solidly) held about a 1:42-3 split time for 500m and it almost felt effortless.  Then the pain kicked in and it got hard real fast.  I managed to mostly maintain that pace slipping off near the end to about a 1:48 or so.  Cam cheering me on over my shoulder definitely helped as did thinking that the harder I went the sooner it’d be over.  I really do however have to stop watching the meters count down, that is agonizing.  At the end of it all though I set a new PR (by 5 seconds) and I’m really happy for it.  That being said I know it’s going to be hard to beat next time.  Need more time on the rower it seems.  But definitely happy.  Third PR for the week.  Win.

The AMRAP was hard.  Really hard.  I am well aware of how deceiving KB push press can be.  They hurt.  I can easily move 25kg on a barbell but in two 12kg KB’s – pain.  We did this in two heats and most of the girls were in the first one which meant that because I didn’t grab KBs fast enough I was left choosing between the 8’s and 12’s.  I went with the 12’s but knew it was going to hurt.  At the same time though I did feel kind of badass for having the higher weight.  I have to also admit though that after the second round when Coach Scotty came by and gifted me with a set of 10’s (someone dropped down to 8’s) I was super happy.  And even then the last two rounds were a struggle.  In the last one I wanted to put them down but didn’t though I did rest for a few seconds in the rack position and very barely (almost no rep) locked my arms out overhead on the last rep.

The shuttle sprints weren’t too bad though I didn’t go all out knowing that I needed a bit more for the KB push presses.  I can’t remember how they broke down I was just happy to get some in every round though not too many.  I think I might have got 8 the first round then downhill from there.  I really pushed it at the end to get the last one in before the clock ran out though. 

It was a good test.  It was hard, my shoulders are more than smoked – Cam handed me my water bottle at the end and I honestly couldn’t grab it.  I had to sit down and use two hands to drink from it.  It’s a good hurt, well earned but I need to tend to my shoulders this weekend.  A bit of rest and extra sleep will definitely help.  As will ice.  More ice.

Back at it tonight for some deadlifts and toes to bar which shouldn’t hurt too much (more).

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