Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3/28 - 2013 Open WOD 13.4

CrossFit Games WOD 13.4


3 Clean and Jerks

3 Toes to Bar

6 Clean and Jerks

6 Toes to Bar


54 reps – finished round of 9 plus 12 CJ’s plus 6 T2B

I knew this one was going to be tough – the weight is pretty heavy for me (having just Rx-ed Grace back in November) and I’m still not very efficient at toes to bar – I can’t string them together well and need an extra half swing in each rep which is draining and time consuming.

Happily (and surprisingly) I managed to string together 4 reps (twice) before the start of the WOD.  I found the trick that works for me – really active shoulders – I knew this fundamentally but somehow it actually clicked physically which was great.  Not so great that it faltered once I got winded in the WOD but know I at least know it is there.

I started strong with the round of 3 – touch and go-ing the CJ’s and managing the t2b unbroken.  It fell off from there.  I split up the round of 6 CJ’s and on the t2b got the first rep then two no reps as I missed my toes on the bar – wasted effort which came from me trying to string them together – wasn’t working when I was winded so from there out I was mostly doing singles (extra half swing) though tried to stay on the bar for at least 3 reps at a time as I could.

I did a mix of push jerks and split jerks.  I tried to stick with the push jerks as much as I could because they are faster but there were times when I was overarching my back on the push jerk so would go to a split jerk just to reduce the fatigue a little.  At one point I had to make a note in my head to decide which one I was doing before I went to do it otherwise it might have been ugly.  My cleans in the latter rounds were lacking in technique with my feet splitting wider as this is my ‘go-to’ when I’m tired and want to be sure the weight is coming up.  Need to break that bad habit.

Going into this my goal was the round of 9. Knowing that my ‘Grace’ time (30 CJ’s at 45kg) is just under 6 minutes I figured with a 7 minute AMRAP which included t2b I could get through about half (18) including the t2b but I didn’t expect much more.  I was super happy to get mostly through the round of 12.  I finished the CJ’s and half of the toes to bar so in the 7 minutes I did all of ‘Grace’ and 24 t2b.  I’m pretty sure my ‘Grace’ time is about to fall. 

We did this one on Thursday night and I beat Cam (54-51) – our wager was that the loser had to wear a tutu for Tuesday’s WOD.  He sneakily went off to redo this one on Sunday morning and I found out the final score – he scored 65 and beat me.  I was with Tim and Jack at the time I found out and realistically had the option to redo it again at Albert Street but really didn’t want to.  I wore the tutu last night during the WOD.  Everyone laughed at me and it was amusing.  Yes, there are photos.

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