Thursday, April 11, 2013

4/10 – Pull-ups and Strict Press and Snatch

After an amazing (and complete) rest day yesterday (for both Cam and I) – massage with Luke, relaxing cuddle, evening stroll – it was back to the box tonight for this one.  I was a little afraid of the muscle up AMRAP but I love how the coaches stretch our boundaries and let us scale back from there.  I’ll be on those rings soon, fingers crossed.

5 minute AMRAP
Muscle Ups pull-ups


Find your 1RM Strict Press (in 20 minutes)
15 x 10 reps
25kg x 5 reps
30kg x 4 reps
32.5kg x 3 reps
then singles at:

The scaling on the muscle up WOD was a form of pull-ups (c2b, kipping, strict, bands).  I stuck with kipping pull-ups as my ego needed a little saving after 13.5 last week where the c2b just failed to come.  I started with a strong 5 but having learned a little from the HSPU’s on Monday (5 minute AMRAP also) I tried to have a bit of a game plan – I initially thought 5 pull-ups EMOM but then realized that I was ready to go again after about 20 seconds rest so changed that to 5 pull-ups every 30 seconds – this lasted for 4 rounds (2 minutes) – the first three being unbroken the fourth being a 3-2 (and hard at that).  I then switched it up to 3 reps every 30 seconds for the rest of the time though jumped the gun on the last set and got them done with about 40 seconds remaining.  I promised myself that any more than that were bonus reps and I got 4.  Game plan (kinda) worked. 

Given the number of reps I churned out I probably could have challenged myself more somehow but I need a bit of rejuvenation/ excitement/ feeling of achievement and this worked for that.  I did it and felt solid about my effort and performance which was exactly what I’ve been needing.  Still, about those extra kilos…

Second WOD had us finding our 1RM on strict press.  I partnered up with Ali (again) and we got right into this.  Funny thing is when she and I were looking up our previous strict press weights we realized that we’d done it before not too long ago (3RM) and after her first warm-up set she made a comment about how Scotty coached us that day as well and Claire was also there.  Ha.  Too funny.  I realized also that we were on the same platform as well and it helped that we also remembered Claire’s comments about squeezing our glutes/ being completely tight before the push. 

I felt tired from Monday’s HSPU’s but still really wanted another PR for the week.  We slowly worked our way up, me hoping for somewhere upwards of 37.5 and her about the same.  I think we were slightly ambitious with our jump from 37.5kg to 39kg.  It doesn’t seem like much but much like the bench press the strict press has the on/off mechanism.  One small step and there is nothing.  We backed off and still went for it but by the time we got back to attempting 38 (which Ali managed to get) I was too tired.  I think had I gone from 37.5kg to 38kg initially I might have got it.  Might.  Will know for next time but still am happy with the 2.5kg PR.  It’s been a while.

Followed up the class with Oly again and enjoyed it (minus the blood blister on my hand from the pull-ups).

Oly Lifting
5 x 3 reps
Warm-up 25-30kg

Snatch Pulls
4 x 3 reps

Front Squat
5 x 3 reps
Warm-up 20-40kg

3 minute max plank hold
1 minute
1 minute
1 minute

Got to the other side just as Steph started to warm-up which was perfect.  Love working out with someone else, her especially, it’s a North American thing I think – we just talk about things that are different/ the same with being in Australia.  We also have quite similar trajectories that got us over here – work sponsored visa which we both said yes to having never even been here before.  Love it!

Anyway, we both struggled a bit through the warm up – it felt hard even though it was two rounds of 5 reps with the empty bar (hang power snatch, snatch balance, hang power cleans, front squat) but we got into the snatches pretty good.  Two warm up sets and then into the working weight of 35kg.  I’m happy as last time I did this was a few days after the 6km SUP race and my shoulders were smoked (I only used 25kg) so today felt good. 

Got some good feedback from Coach Jono – told me I was fast in my drop but also told me to stop judging myself after a not so great lift.  Told me to stop thinking and just do it which really works for me.  By the end I was getting a little sloppy feeling how tired (and sore) my shoulders were getting but we finished it off. 

The snatch pulls were pretty good and were over quickly.  I really just remind myself to keep my heels on the ground and get that ‘rattle’ from the plates.  Staying solid through my heels is feeling easier though, I’m liking it. 

Moving on to the front squats I just wanted to be done.  I was ‘over it’ (Steph’s words).  Definitely tired but made it through them.  Like I said, happy to be working with someone otherwise I probably would have packed it in but having finished the squats felt good about them.  The weight felt hard but not ridiculous which makes me think I am progressing.  On top of that though I feel stronger through my posterior chain – working my glutes more (which in turn keeps my knees out).  Feels more solid and strong.  Yay!

Finished it off with some plank holds.  We were supposed to also do 3 further sets (per side) in side plank but my shoulders were smoked and it was also getting close to 7pm (having arrived at 4pm for mobility before the 4:30 WOD I just wanted to get home already).  So we (collectively) called it.  It was a great night though I’m really sore today – you name it and it probably hurts on me – my legs don’t feel so bad but I think that’s only because I haven’t tried to really use them today.  It’s a good feeling though and one I’ve been missing. 

Back at it tonight for some rowing and KB presses and shuttle sprints, good times.  I’m really loving testing week, feels good to push.

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