Monday, January 7, 2013

1/5 - Crossfit Quarter Melville

I was still hurting from a very long week with the ‘girls’ but I’d committed to checking out Crossfit Quarter Melville on Saturday – their opening day.  First it was a good reason to workout in a new box and secondly (and clearly the only thing that dragged my butt out of bed) was getting to catch up with Jane who talked me into this whole thing.

My lovely partner Jane
To say I was hurting when I showed up was an understatement.  I was tired (Friday’s yoga was merely 40 minutes of svasana), my neck was sore from the tightness in my traps/ lats and the worlds worst ass chafing (exaggeration but still) was still healing.

Nevertheless it was a glorious morning and Crossfit Quarter Melville is quite close to my house.

Crossfit Quarter Melville
 I arrived to see Jane’s smiling face at 8am as the first WOD was just kicking off.  It let us see what they were up to at least.

2x7 minute AMRAP
Teams of 2
One person runs 100m while other does one of:
-air squats
-wall balls
-double unders
-box jumps
*-run again

We did the WOD twice with two different partners.  The first time they lined us up alphabetically by first name and then paired first and last until everyone was matched up.  The second time they went tallest to shortest and did the same.  I didn’t get to work out specifically with Jane but it was still fun as it was a relaxed environment with no one taking anything to seriously but still getting in an early morning workout.

The WOD was a bit unknown, while one partner was running 100m the other was doing as many reps as possible on whatever movement their card had said – when you’d run back in the door you’d get flashed the next card in the pile and were doing that.  The exception being the ‘run again’ card which meant your partner had double time to do whatever movement they were stuck on.

I was paired up with Jack (not from Cooee) on the first round and we did well.  I was doing wall balls when he had to run again which wasn’t fun but I also managed to pull double unders that round as well which jumped our score from about 110 to 150 on his run versus just getting 10-15 reps or so with the other movements. 

The second round I was paired with Mark – aka the best judge ever and we had ‘fun’.  I don’t know what I started with but the ending for me went – air squats, box jumps, air squats, wall balls, wall balls, wall balls with one of the wall balls being a double run for Mark.  My legs were jelly during the runs but still it was good.

Afterward they had the bbq going and we feasted on bacon and eggs, always the way to my heart.  It was a good morning and though I was still sore afterwards it probably did help to get things moving a bit more.

Thanks Jane for convincing me to come along and to Crossfit Quarter Melville for hosting us all.  It’s great to see another box in the area.

Amy's shirt says it all for me this month

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  1. Thanks Jac for coming down to our Open Day and glad to hear you "enjoyed" the workout.
    I dreaded the wall balls as well but the 3 consecutive rounds of burpees for me when my partner was flashed "Run again" twice in a row was awful.