Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/7 - Sauna Workouts or Almost!

Spent all day in the confines of my air conditioned office building only to walk outside after work into a sauna.  In fact I’m sure I’ve been in sauna’s that weren’t as hot as it was outside last night.  The air was thick.  Humid.  I don’t think words can actually do justice to how it felt either.  And off I went to crossfit.

I had run into Dawn getting coffee (just learned we work in the same building – Hi Dawn!) and was excited for the WOD as she filled me in on what it was.  Power snatches get me every time (stop blushing Angie!).  Looking at the mainsite WODs from the past few days and it was obvious what we’d be doing though subbing out wall balls for pistols (we don’t  have suitable wall balls for a class to do these).  The weight was also 5kg more than what the mainsite had but still completely manageable. 

5 rounds
10 toes to bar
10 power snatch (30/45kg)
10 pistols or 20 jump squats
14:25 Rx

This hurt surprisingly more than I thought it would.  I honestly think I would have preferred 10 wall balls over the pistols. 

The toes to bar were okay though I can’t get the rhythm to link them which makes them harder than they need to be.  Definitely something I need to focus on because they will undoubtedly be in the Open workouts.  I managed to keep from doing any further damage to my hands as they were taped and covered.  I felt like a boxer, or a gymnast with the amount of strapping going on.  Was good though.

Strapped up Hands
The power snatches felt okay.  Something was a bit off on my technique today with the bar travelling a bit farther from my body.  I tried to focus on the bar hitting my belly and going fast through the middle and I got them done but they weren’t all that pretty.  Perhaps it’s just how tired I’m still feeling or trying to ‘cheat’ the movement somehow which mentally seems to make it easier but physically never actually does.

Pistols are the worst.  They were horrible, making me want to cry/ quit.  I used a 5kg plate for counter balance and tried to push through them as much as possible but I realized (and tried unsuccessfully to correct) that I don’t engage my posterior chain when doing these – all the strength is coming from my quads which is why they make me want to cry.  Tim told me to focus on sending my butt back so I’ll try this next time.  Another movement I need to work on for sure.  Cam tried to convince me that I am good at them and perhaps I do have my moments but last night was definitely not one of them.

Managed to roll out my quads quite a bit afterward which is probably the only reason I can (barely) walk today.  My quads hurt.

Back at it tonight though it’s still ridiculous sweaty out there and then again tomorrow before a much needed massage on Thursday.  I’ll probably take Thursday and Friday as rest days and then Kosta is calling me up to the big leagues for some possible WODing at Chamber on Saturday.  We will see how I feel by then.  Right now though I’m an exhausted ball of soreness. 

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