Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/10 – Running Sprints

200m run
400m run
600m run
400m run
200m run
As much rest as required between rounds (within reason)

Nothing like waking up on a Monday morning and seeing running sprints as the WOD.  It was so tempting to skip but I know that I need WODs like this to get better and I haven’t been training much these past weeks with the multitude of things going on so knew I had to go.  Plus, primal is coming up quite quickly.

We did the usual running warm-up (the one I probably hate more than anything actually), some mobility and then a few easy sprints before starting into the WOD.  We worked in partners so while one was running the other was resting and there was also some ‘additional’ rest in between so that you were actually ready to go again.

In the first two specifically I realized both that I have no idea how hard to start out in order to maintain my pace over the entire distance and also that my runs during WODs are definitely not as fast as they could be – they definitely do not feel like they did when it was solely a run I was focusing on.  Ouch.

I’m pretty sure that the first two were negative splits (if we were timing that way) as I definitely just struggled to hold on toward the end.  I tried pacing myself a little better on the 600m which I think I did – a little.  The 400m was fun as Cam started not far behind me and we made the turn at the 200m mark at about the same time – he made some comment about ‘let’s do this back’ or something which made me try and hold on to his pace (definitely faster than mine alone would have been).  At about 100m to go I wanted to drop way off, it hurt more than anything that has hurt in a while.  My lungs were burning and I’m not sure how my legs continued to turn over but my pride was getting in my way.  I dropped back a few steps more but still hung on as best I could.  As we made the last turn with 25m to go I kicked it up a gear and gave it my all.  I didn’t want him to beat me.  I past him a few steps from the finish and we managed to finish in the same time – this made me really happy and also made me want to puke.  I didn’t want to do the last 200m.

Cam went out first on the last run, I tried to pace myself better than I had the first go round and think I did.  It also helped knowing I was nearing the end.  I pushed, gave it my all and came in strong.  Immediately I wanted to vomit.  I walked a bit and kneeled over a lot all while trying to feel ‘normal’ again.  Cam came around and said ‘how you doing tiger’ and I’m pretty sure my only response was a grunt.  I then proceeded to vomit not long after that.  Leave it to running to bring pukie around every time.  Ugh.  But I did it.  I’m better for it and know what I’m capable of.  I’m also really stoked to only have dropped off my 200m and 400m by 5 seconds on the second go round – definitely helped by having someone to chase!

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