Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6/3 – Deadlift PR


Today was  all about the deadlift.  I had wanted a deadlift PR of 110kg before heading off to watch regionals but that didn’t happen.  I wasn’t sure it was going to happen today either but it did.  Thanks Calen!

I knew what I was aiming for and straight up wrote my numbers on the board to work up to that weight – was targeting 105kg (thinking that my previous PR was 102.5kg – it was actually 105kg).  I played around a little in the middle increasing a bit faster and then got the first single at 100kg and it felt good.  We had 3-4 minutes between each set (as called out by Coach Scotty) and so I’d loaded up the bar with 102.5kg and got to talking to Calen.  He asked what I was going for and then questioned that if my previous PR was 102.5kg why was I going for that now – I should just go 105kg.  I was skeptical thinking how hard 105kg would be but then changed out the plates anyway.  It was at this point he followed up with ‘you don’t have to listen to me’… haha.  Too late.  I got 105kg and did a little dance,  PR dance.  It was good.  And then, before I could even think of what I’d go up to next Calen suggested 110kg noting that 105kg looked easy.  He started to set up his angle for filming.  Uh-oh.  As Coach Scotty called us down for the last lift I could sense the camera all ready and knew that because of this I couldn’t miss the lift.  I took my time on the set up, got mentally set and just went for it without a doubt that I’d get it (good mindset) and then I did.  I was super stoked and pushed myself beyond my comfort level with the encouragement of Calen.

Looking at the video my form wasn’t too bad and as Calen confirmed, I could probably go heavier (he suggested even 120kg) so that’s something to work on.  I’m happy for the push and happy for the PR after the past few weeks.

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