Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/13 - Death by 10m plus extra work

Another light one last night – seems to be a bit of a deload week for which I (and my body) am thankful.  A few early(-er) nights are also appreciated.  I miss home.

EMOM8 - alternating
5 Strict Pull-ups
30sec Plank Hold
3 pull-ups with yellow band


Death By 10m
starting at 10

I did the EMOM with the intention of doing all 5 strict PU’s but my shoulders disagreed with me.  I grabbed the yellow band before we even started thinking I “might” need it and need it I did – right from the start.  I did I think the first 2 reps without it and then it went from there.  We focused on holding the bottom position for a second, a quick pull to the top then a slow 3 second lower which made them hurt just a little bit more (a lot more actually).  I did 4 in the first round (2 with the band that Cam had to help me get into because I hadn’t grabbed a box – thinking still I wouldn’t actually use it) and then I did 3 the rest of the rounds because of how I was feeling.

The planks felt really good – easy actually.  After the reps of 1 minute holds we’ve been doing lately this was nice.  I started the last one 10 seconds early to extend it a bit and made Cam follow suit which was fun.  Laughing while doing it made it a little more challenging in a sadistically fun way.  Cam also called me teacher’s pet as I got to be the demo girl for Tara for the planks – though all I could think of when she commented about keeping a flat back and tight butt was that at that moment everyone in the class was looking at my butt.  Heh. 

Feeling tightness in my traps today – guess the pull-ups had the intended effect.

The Death by 10m was both good and bad.  We have done this before and started at 1 which meant 16+ minutes of running but this time we started at 10.  It shorted the time for running but just started us with a longer distance initially – I wasn’t sure how to pace it but took my time and was the slowest I think for all the rounds but didn’t get my heart rate high or feel at all winded until probably round 16 or 17 which is why when it came time for me to sprint for the last few reps to sneak through it wasn’t an issue.  What was an issue however was how my legs were feeling on each and every turn.  That’s what really started to get me – the planting and pushing on my tired backsquatted out legs.  Ouch.  Seems to be a pretty common point that a lot of people felt (especially those in the extra program).  I tried alternating legs but it was the perfect distance to always hit with one leg for a while then I’d have to stutter step to switch off.  I’m not sure it would have made much difference anyway.  I just barely finished the 17th rep on the round of 18 so I still had 10m to make to keep going (I’m almost happy I didn’t). 

Was good having the boys (George, Cam, Reegs, Wayno) all cheering me on.  It helped that much more – though I think they thought I was so slow because I was tired when in reality I really didn’t want to stop after each round – I much preferred to go slower and just keep moving.  I watched the clock a little.  Heh.

Tuesday's Extra

(see above)

2) GHD Sit-ups 3 x 15-25reps (if you don't do these very often go easy on these) *rest 90sec between sets
1x15 reps

I did one set of these and around 10 reps in felt quite vomitous.  Really quite nauseous.  Cam convinced me to just do 5 more.  Seriously though, not the best idea ever.  I need to stop l listening to that boy.  I sat on the bench for a long while after this and Cam did note that I was looking paler than usual.  Not good.  I didn’t do the last two reps – there was no way he was going to convince me.  Just thinking of that think still makes me not feel good.  Ugh.  Wonder how to go about ‘fixing’ that?

Spent a little bit of time mobilizing after it all too – quads, calves, hammys and hips.  Good times. 

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