Monday, August 5, 2013

8/2 – Row, row, row… row

Today’s WOD was tough.  Painful even would be a good description.

We have been doing a ton of squatting lately and though it’s paying off in many aspects it has made my legs feel quite fatigued so it only took one sprint on the rower to get them screaming.

4 x 500m row
(2:1 rest to row)

4 x max effort watt row

Was quite happy to keep a (relatively) consistent time throughout the four sets.  I have to really credit Ali though on that last one – I was ready to just give up with about 150m or so left and she saw it all over my face.  Coach Claire actually said she looked at me and thought I was going to cry.  Anyway, at that moment Ali said ‘Don’t you dare give up now’ or something along those lines, completely reading my mind and spurning me on to finish strong.  I didn’t have it left in my mental game – I didn’t even want to do the last two rounds so it definitely helped push me.  My legs however were burning and cramped. In between  I couldn’t even sit down as my glutes were so cramped and it hurt.  Agony I tell you.  Why we saved squats until after the WOD was something I wasn’t sure about at the time.

Turns out part two of the WOD actually helped get everything feeling better again – a good flush of the lactic acid from my muscles.  Essentially you watch the wattage on the rower and you keep going as the number is increasing and the second that it drops you are done and record that wattage. It’s cool as it’s a direct output of power.  I played around on the damper setting for the first 3 rounds (5, 7, 3) then went back to 5 for the last just as a comparison.  It’s good to know where abouts I should be. 

Took a lot out of me but we all moseyed on over to do the extra work – good times on a Friday night.

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