Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/19 – Running and Squats Galore

3 x max set of HSPU’s
6-5-5 Rx

4 Rounds
400m run
50 squats
14:51 Rx

Another week of squatting was added into our extra work so I snuck out of work a bit early to get them done before the WOD, I knew trying to do them the other way around would be killer.  It worked out I think – I’d rather have a slower WOD time than start failing reps in the heavy squats.

The HSPU’s were good.  My kip is getting stronger and I’m able to stay on the wall.  I’m also happy to be doing them Rx now – full range of motion which is a big step up.  I’ll take the progress for sure.

Ah, the WOD… what can I say about it other than it was merely a test of mental fortitude- how much you could stay in the pain place and keep going.  The run wasn’t that fast, just a chance to try and get feeling back in the legs (that didn’t happen after the second run though) and then get into the squats – technically you can do air squats all day, just keep moving – you will just get into a place of pain and whether you decide to quit (rest) or push through for longer is entirely up to you.  I was quite happy with my plan and though I was closer to the back of the pack than the front in the first two rounds I slowly made my way up just from getting through the squats faster.  I did two sets of 25 in the first round with a quick shake out of my legs in between (no more than three seconds really) then in the rest of the rounds I went 20-20-10 even when 20 was horribly hard – I made myself stick with the number, knowing that once I’d gotten to 12 I was pretty close to 15 and then 16 was almost 20 (or so I kept telling myself).  Just kept moving and got through it (and then thankfully it was over)

Extra Work

See above

2) Back Squat
6x6 @70% +15kg
6x6 @71kg

3) EMOTM 10
odds = 'x' Chest to bar Pull-ups (*scale to pull-ups if needed)
evens = 'x' abmat sit ups
* 'x' = a number you can hold across all sets  
3 c2b (or attempts)
20 sit-ups

4) SXF Yoga Class or 60mins mobility & stretching
60 minutes mobility

As I mentioned I got through the backsquats before the WOD.  I knew Cam would be in there early which worked for me as I was able to get him spotting me – or at least talking me through.  The 6x6 felt way harder than the 10x3 on Saturday even though the weight was 7kg less I think because of the number of reps.  Three is a good number, 4 is okay but 5 and 6 reps are struggle-town.  I mean, losing blood flow to the head, nauseating struggle.  It was good to have him talking me through it.  They were challenging but then they were also done.

After the WOD I got into the EMOM work (again with Cam).  I attempted 3 c2b and managed one on the first round then completely started struggling with my kip.  Coach Claire was there to help me though and told me I needed to keep tighter and more upright rather than trying to pull myself to the bar from so far away.  Eventually it worked and on the last two rounds (of five) I got all 3 reps unbroken with my chest hitting the bar.  The sit-ups were fine, I could have probably pushed 30 reps but knew that would take me the full minute to do and I didn’t want to do that.  Even by the end the 20 were burning and transferring to the c2b as well – definitely felt the core usage when on the bar.  Good though to get through it and be done. 

Followed it all up with lots of mobility on the legs and then dinner with Kelly.  Good night overall and so happy that Steph is back (after playing tour guide for the week)… oh how I’ve missed my ‘twin’. Haha.

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