Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/5 - Tabata...

20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest
Sit Ups
Thrusters 42.5/30kg
Pull Ups
Rowing (meters)
* Score equals Total Reps
993 Rx

Managed to keep consistent numbers for all movements (not sure about the row splits).  I (barely) held on to 12 sit-ups for each round which was solid as it took the entire 20 seconds to get through them.  I held back on the thrusters and only did 4 each round (consistently) with about 10 extra seconds of rest – my legs were feeling a little fried from having done the backsquats before class.  I did feel solid however squat cleaning the bar and going straight into the first thruster.

For the pull-ups I held 5 reps per round which though not many (again, an extra 8-10 seconds of rest a round) were enough given the current state of my hands (healing still from ‘Nate’).  I felt solid and my kip is quite small in order for me to get my chin above the bar.  It’s changing a bit now to be more compact and in many ways almost feels a bit like butterfly movement – need to work on those again.

The row was really hard at the end of it all.  It truly hurt especially as it felt like as soon as you stopped Coach Scotty was already going 3-2-1… to go again.  Rough.  My butt and hamstrings were pretty tight again (still?) and that didn’t help.  Was happy though to maintain a low 1:50’s/ 500m split throughout even though I had to close my eyes and try not to cry near the end. 

So close to a score of 1000 – if only I had done 1 extra thruster or pull-up each round  - would have made the difference.  Oh well.  What can you do?

We had yoga prescribed for our extra work tonight which was blissful, truly.  I need more childs pose in my life – my hip flexors definitely woke up from the class.  Necessary beyond the work I’ve already been doing to keep them going (and there has been a ton of hip mobility going on).

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