Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/17 – Saturday Sports Class

Saturday sports class started early this week – early at least for getting in the extra work.  We were told to show up for barbell club between 8-10 and get the ‘lift big’ work done for the day which was playing with the yokes.  The sports class at 10am was solely going to be heavy squats (again).

1) Yoke hold
Max weight yoke hold (minimum 20 seconds)

2) Yoke Carry
Max weight yoke carry (over 10m distance)

3) Backsquats
10x3 @85%+10kg
10x3 @78kg

I was really tight in my traps which made the yoke hold much more uncomfortable.  I think with the carries I was more focused on the walking part that increasing the weight a bit more wasn’t such an issue.  Regardless, it was fun to play with the yokes even if it meant losing an hour of sleep in time.

The backsquats were solid.  I definitely think the lower reps help – three reps is good, four okay and then any more than that makes me lose blood flow in my head.  Even still I had Sacha spotting me for all of them ready just in case which helped me mentally at least.  It’s getting heavy (my 1RM before all this started was 80kg so…)

It was funny when racking the empty bar for the warm-up squats – it felt so light compared to the yoke and then when I reached the bottom of the first squat I almost cried.  There was a definite squeak as my hips were so unhappy.  Lots of mobilization… 

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