Monday, August 12, 2013

8/8 - Rock Climbing Rest Day

Tonight was our mandated rest day from Crossfit which meant it was a good day to go climbing with the girls (or something like that).  It was fun and mentally restoring and sometimes that's the best thing for us.

In the end it was Shonelle, Angie and I who turned up and we had a great time.  In true Crossfitter fashion we started on a 10 and 12 (ratings range from 10 - easiest up to about 28 or so) then jumped to a 17 and it owned us - though to be fair the guy working there said that the place we got stuck at was the usual place people have issue (it was just such a big gap).  Heh.

And it turns out - that guy, the one that works there - was wearing Nano's which Shonelle noticed and he is a Crossfitter too - his name is Corey and he too trains at Southern though I've never seen him there before as we're on different schedules.  Funny how small the world is. 

Anyway, not much more to say on climbing except I love it still and how I have missed it so.  Instead enjoy the photos.  We had a lot of fun playing on the finger boards doing pull-ups for the camera.

Pretty ladies...

Angie working her skillz
Spider Monkey - skipping half the holds, no biggie

For Angie - the chalk bucket won (as usual)
The pull-up sequence

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