Monday, August 5, 2013

8/3 – Saturday Sports Class – Backsquats and Hard ‘Cindy’

10x3 backsquats at 85% 1RM
10x3 @68kg

Harder ‘Cindy’
5 c2b pull-ups
10 hand release push-ups
15 air squats
2-4-6-8-10 Clean and Jerks (70/50kg)
15:09 (9 CJ’s left)

As Coach Jono wrote on the board for the strength – Squat Mother F*cker… and that it was.  Especially back to back days.  We had about 50 minutes to work through it though so solid amount of rest which was necessary.  Definitely glad it was only sets of 3.  Worked with Steph which was fun as it was a chance to gossip.

Harder ‘Cindy’ was hard.  Fun though it a twisted way.  Essentially it’s 5 rounds of ‘Cindy’ with c2b and HR push-ups though in between each round you do heavy CJ’s in ascending reps (2-4-6-8-10).  There was also a 15 minute cut-off.

I didn’t do c2b as my hands are still pretty torn from doing ‘Nate’ and they just hurt.  I had plenty of height for each rep but my chest wasn’t hitting – probably a good thing given the size of the bruise that I already have.

The HR push-ups felt fairly good given that I haven’t been doing many push-ups at all lately.  And the air squats were just steady – almost great without weight and the amount of backsquatting we’ve been doing.

The CJ’s was the equalizer.  It’s where it slowed down a lot.  50kg is quite heavy though thankfully Coach Jono let us power clean if we wanted (that rarely is an option).  My power cleans were ugly, feet wide ugly however my legs were completely against dropping under the bar so that’s how it went.  I had some solid jerks though, they felt good and I only lost one of them over my head without locking it out so I was happy.

I didn’t finish – I managed to get one rep done on the last round of 10 CJ’s before the cut off.  And that left me pretty shattered.  Glad to have gotten through it though.

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