Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/21 – AMRAPs Galore

3 x 5 Minute AMRAPs
*2 Minutes rest between each AMRAP

10 Dumbbell Snatch (each arm)
20 Squats

10 Hand release push ups
20 Sit Ups

Calorie Row
78 cal

Today was AMRAP day – three of them.  It’s amazing how long 5 minutes can feel especially while staring down the clock on a rower. 

We went in two heats and Jaz started first (I really didn’t want to go at all especially after doing the heavy squats before the class).  It truly was amazing as we waited for them to finish how long that 5 minutes seemed to take.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. 

In the first AMRAP we had to do 10 snatches on each arm (one then the other, no alternating) .  I started off feeling okay even though I could see George and Toni and they were going faster than me – I tried not to think of that nor try and keep their pace, I just did my thing which was good (for me).  I was power snatching for the first round (all rounds unbroken on the snatches) then just mentally willed myself through the squats – mostly stopping briefly after 10 reps to shake my legs out (they were revolting).  Because of the state of my legs I started muscle snatching (which felt awesome by the way) as much as I could usually having to switch to power snatching the last few reps on each side.  This definitely made me faster though toward the end started taking a bit more toll on my lower back.

The second AMRAP wasn’t too bad though I could feel the hurt in my abs from Monday’s EMOM extra work where we did 20 sit-ups ever other minute.  I did the first round of push-ups Rx then went down to my knees for the rest just given how my shoulder has been feeling.  I knew it needed a break and push-ups are one of the worst things to aggravate it (as do dips).  This AMRAP was just a push to keep moving even as it started to hurt a little.

The row was my least favorite of the three and though I knew it was coming I didn’t think much of it until we were heading to it.  I grabbed my headphones and music to listen to mostly just because I’d been doing that during my squats and figured it wouldn’t hurt – it would at least provide me with a bit of a distraction.  The only good thing about this AMRAP was that I have no idea what my ‘normal’ pace equates to in calories/hour and that was the only screen I could see.  It was good because had I seen my 500m split time I’d know if I was fast/slow and could really judge my dropping off.  Instead of pushing to hold something I just went with how I was feeling.  I kept between 900-1100 calories/hour with a fairly low stroke rate (about 25-28).  I always love with Coach Tara is watching me row as inevitably at some point she’ll come around and check out my screen (I think it’s because it doesn’t look like I’m working very hard) and then doesn’t really say much – I like this, trying to row as ‘effortlessly’ or perhaps a better word would be ‘efficiently’ as possible.  Checking out what some of the boys did on this AMRAP after the WOD I felt fairly good about my effort – my rowing is definitely coming along even though I still don’t like anything more than generally 500m (and even that’s a stretch).

Finished up the class with some mobility. The flying V stretch was amazing.  Loved it especially as I was laying outside and the breeze was nice and refreshing post row – though my butt definitely hurt as I tried to wiggle my way into it – so cramped.

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