Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/17 - Crossfit Winnipeg

After yesterday's backyard WOD I felt ready to get back in the swing of things and decided it'd be great to check out yet another Crossfit box.  I used the affiliate map and found Crossfit Winnipeg which is only about 35 minutes from my parents house (which is actually close since they live about that far from the city). 

They were very welcoming and have an amazing facility - they just moved recently - and the space is 10,000 square feet (930 square metres).  They have a nice front area for signing in and hanging out and the gym space is huge.  They also have a training room which has an additional six rowers and weight racks.  Stunning.  In the back are a number of offices which are soon to be filled with I believe a nutritionist and a physiotherapist (don't quote me on that one).  There is also a quite and zen like yoga space.

Today's WOD

400m row
walking lunges
back and lat mobility work

4 sets
DB Bulgarian split squats
1-1/4 ring rows

I used 2x10/12/20/20 for the split squats.  These are a totally new movement for me but they were good - and oddly enough I think Coach Match might really like them - they follow along with his one leg deadlifts in a way.  I really felt them - in fact I really felt my legs the entire warm-up. As suspected, yesterday's workout did catch up to me - tight glutes and hamstrings (thanks Tim!).  It was good to work them out again.

OHS (115/75lbs 50/35kg)
Strict pull-ups
9:29 (55lb/25kg)

I was the last one done on this but I was doing the strict pull-ups (with a red band) rather than ring rows which were the scaled option if you couldn't do any strict pull-ups without a band.  I also went lighter on my squats because my shoulders were hurting from the hspu's and also because I find it hard to wrap my head around weights in pounds. 

Regarding the weight - it's similar to if you're nearing your max on something - if you know the weight is higher than what you've done it might feel a little harder to lift but if you accidentally load it with something heavier than you think it is you can usually move it anyway.  It's all about mental attitude - thinking you can/ can't or even having that slight bit of hesitation with something heavier.  55 pounds seems a bit daunting even though realistically I know my OHS PR is 33kg but 25 was still tough - locking out my arms is still something I need to work on - lots of mobility.

The strict pull-ups were a huge struggle but I was determined to get through them.  The first 6 were solid - two sets of 3 - but then I was down to ones and twos.  On the round of 9 I played around with my grip, mostly mixed grip which I found easier than both palms facing me.  The last set I did as 2-2-1-1.  It's good to focus on getting everything tight through the core for a strong pull rather than relying on a kip - if you're not tight on the strict pull-ups you'll have trouble getting up over the bar.

I'm really glad I went.  The people were friendly though it was odd to keep catching the conversations switching into french at times (this is more a french/english region than I remembered).  The box was spacious and stunning (though that also goes with being in a city that has a lower cost of living/ rent).

I'm pretty sure my body is going to hurt tomorrow but at least all I really have to do is sit on a plane.  Back to Vancouver then to the gorge. 

Also - getting my fill of bacon at the moment... I have really missed bacon here in north america.  Yum!

Some photos of the box
Crossfit Winnipeg with owner Tania after our WOD

Looking at the workout area from reception

Looking at the workout area from the training room

Part of the training room

Number of burpees is discretional...

Love this idea - recognizing achievement

For Tim - #6 - Drop as a last resort... ;)

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