Monday, July 9, 2012

7/7 - Inaugural SUP 3000

The inaugural SUP 3000 took place on Saturday - it was technically the SUP 5000 for the men and 3000 for the women.  It should be noted that this was the first time this format was run anywhere in the world - SUPWA is already making a name for themselves.  It was fantastic.

The morning started early... too early.  I was tempted to stay in my warm bed as the darkness still loomed outside but I knew that if I could just get out there I'd be greeted with magnificent views as the morning sun broke on the calm waters as we stood out there on our boards - and it was true.

Race registration and briefing and we were all quickly on the water - almost a little too quickly for us girls - and we paddled to the start line.  It was a mass start for the boys and then for the girls - we however had to wait 15 minutes and most of this time was spent chatting and floating around on our boards trying to get some feeling in our frozen feet.

Suddenly we were off for the first of three races. 

The format was as follows:
1500m race
paddle back easily to start
1000m race
paddle back easily to start
500m race
coffee time!

The boys did the same however they started with a 2000m race and then followed that up with the other three.  It was great - logistics were simple, there was ample time to get back to the start without feeling rushed and best of all we got to chat with each other and meet fellow paddlers - I knew Nat from Crossfit so it was good to catch up and also to learn a bit more about Michelle and Loraine besides the fact that they're fast.

For each race you got points corresponding to your position and at the end of the three races the person with the lowest score came first, etc.  That hardly mattered for the four of us as the order was the same each race and though it was a race the best part of it all was being out there.  And as Nat and I agreed... it was our 'rest' day afterall and nice to just be playing - and we still managed to cover about 6km all in.  I loved it!

Can't wait for the next one in October (this format) and they've already promised that it will have an afternoon start time thankfully.

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