Friday, August 3, 2012

8/1 - Split Jerks Galore

Took yesterday off after FGB on monday as I was pretty sore (might have also had something to do with 10 days without crossfit). Back at it today and it was pretty fun.

Yes, that indeed says that our warm-up was 10 stair sprints - that does not mean one flight of stairs but rather three rather long ones - the box is across the road from a monster staircase that runs from the seawall level (the road over) up to 4th ave (as it turns into 2nd).  We did that ten times... the transition from running up to heading down was always a little precarious but we all made it without any scraped knees or falls face first.

We followed that up with some mobility and stretching before jumping right into the split jerk and working through the movement with a PVC bar then working up to a heavy weight.  Once again I was confused with the pounds/kilograms on the weights - I know the conversion - 2.2 - but it's loading the bar that just feels odd.  I worked my way up to 105lbs (approx. 48kg) before dropping down to 85lbs (approx. 38.5kg) for the WOD which was heavy but managable.

3 rounds
500m run
21 split jerk (155/115lbs - 70/52kg)
3 rounds
250m run
15 split jerks
13:42 (85lbs/ 38.5kg)

I did the 'mini' version of the WOD as I was working with a heavier weight and it was definitely a good call.  For the second two rounds I was breaking the reps into sets of 3.  It was good though - I really enjoyed concetrating on form and really dropping under the bar rather than trying to push it overhead which really becomes critical when fatigue sets in.  It was nice also to put our oly lifting sessions into practice in a WOD.

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