Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/13 - Shoulder Killer!

This WOD was a killer.  The only reason I can actually type at the moment is because my arms are fully resting on the desk in front of me.  Last night post WOD my arms literally did not work – I needed to use both hands to drink from my water bottle and even that was a challenge, even just holding them by my sides was work.  Ouch.  I really hope I don’t have to lift anything tonight when I’m back at it as I’m not sure that’ll be possible.

4 Rounds
5 minutes of ‘Cindy’
-5 pull-ups
-10 push-ups
-15 squats
30 seconds rest
Then 2 rounds of tabata planks (2x 20second on/ 10 second rest)
13/19 Rx

Score was the total rounds of ‘Cindy’ completed over the entire workout.

Killer.  I was quite happy however with my performance overall but the push-ups were what killed me the most.  Every single round.  For the first three rounds I managed to stay on the bar for all 5 reps of the pull-ups before dropping.  This was my goal and it worked however when I was about to get back on the bar in round 4 I realized that my hand was stinging and when I looked down I had a huge tear (stupid!).  Ouch.  I’m pretty sure at this point I let out a bit of a curse because I find it very frustrating that on other bars I don’t have to worry about my hands but almost every single time we do large numbers of pull-ups at Cooee I find myself ripping or about to rip.  For instance last week we did 50 consecutive pull-ups in ‘Nutts’, all of which I did in sets of 5 and not once did I even worry about my hands.  I’m not sure why the bars are so different but it sucks.  I hate having tears.  So, after the hand tear I think most sets were broken into 3-2 reps except for the end where I was trying to get mine done before the girl beside me got on the bar so that we won’t bump each other so I did 5 and got it over with.

The push-ups, oh the push-ups.  Where to even begin.  I pushed through Rx the whole time but they were definitely what slowed me down.  My shoulders were screaming.  It’s funny that I actually found the pull-ups easy and cursed the push-ups every time.  For each round we started where we’d finished the previous rather than back on 5 pull-ups so it didn’t help that I found myself in the middle of push-ups every time we had to stop and do the plank.  Now I found the plank to be a nice ‘break’ in the WOD and though it wasn’t hard to hold for the full time it was tiring on my shoulders which made the push-ups that much harder when I got back into it.  I tried to squeeze out every rep I could before ‘rest’ was called just so there’d be fewer after the planks.

The squats were easy, did them all unbroken and focused on keeping my knees pushed out.  The planks, as mentioned seemed like a bit of a rest though taxing on the shoulders.  We had our feet on a stack of two 20kg plates which almost made it feel easier than a standard plank though I think technically this should have made it harder.  The last round we did a solid 50 seconds of planking (no rest on the 10 seconds) which was more a struggle mentally than physically though I was really happy when it was done.

It was definitely a tough WOD, especially for a Monday (I’m afraid what the rest of the week will hold) and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of my arms when we were done, it was really weird – they just didn’t work, at.all.  Made it though and was super happy to Rx this one.  I can’t wait until we do regular ‘Cindy’ again just to compare my score from last time when I didn’t do it Rx.  I think I can probably match my score at least.  Should be good – guess I can add this to a park WOD too, easily done on my own.

My fingers are crossed for no heavy lifting tonight but I’m sure that’ll be in the cards, it’s how it always seems to go.  Ha!

Planking and Smiling...  Source

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