Friday, August 31, 2012

8/30 - oly lifting! heavy cleans! c2b...

I was still (barely) able to walk after the 75(!) ohs from ‘Nancy’ so once again made it to the box.  I was surprisingly less sore from the ohs than I was from the 50 front squats on Monday – that being said I still didn’t want to see squats on the board.

From Tash’s facebook posts on ripped hands I knew we’d likely be doing pull-ups even as she tried to throw us off mentioning KB swings and then 100m runs (you’re not that sneaky Tash). Anyway, before I get to all the details of the WOD let’s first get into the warm-up.  Once again we had Coach Tim (it’s been the Tim and Jack show most of the week as Match and Kirst were away in Broome – they’ve done the programming too, more on that later though).

300m run
‘fun gone bad’
2 rounds/ 30 seconds at each*
front squats

‘Fun gone bad’ is the wod done at Cooee on the very first night of fundamentals.  To this day it’s still the hardest wod I can remember (though crying doing rope climbs is right up there too).  I think the reason it feels so hard is that it’s your first introduction to crossfit and you don’t realize how much you can push yourself over 5 body weight movements.  *in the fundamentals WOD you do each movement for 1 minute (simulating fight gone bad) with one minute rest and then you go again (though they don’t tell you this until after the first round is over and you’ve almost died).  Anyway, it was our warmup and it still hurt all the same.  Ha.  I think I managed 118 reps for the first round then lost count in the middle of the box jumps on round two.  We hadn’t even started the real work portion of the day yet and I was already hating on Coach Tim (in that friendly I hate you for making us do this but I will love doing it for some insane reason kind of way).  I also knew Tim had  a hand in programming and while I assumed that he and Jack came up with the WOD together I knew only Tim would include chest to bar pull-ups – turns out the entire WOD was programmed by Tim (mean! But also good!)

10 mins to work up to a heavy squat clean + push jerk + split jerk

I was really hoping for snatches since we did a few yesterday to get the bar overhead for the ohs but clean and jerks were just as good.  I haven’t done any technical oly lifting in ages so this was fun.  My technique felt solid throughout.  Even on the heavier cleans I maintained form, really focusing on my hip drive and quick elbows rather than my feet going wide.  This continued through the WOD too which made me really happy.  The push jerk is where I failed on 52.5kg.  I’m not sure it was entirely the weight but more the confidence.  I cleaned it fairly easily (surprisingly) and then dropped it from about my shoulder height which to me indicates that I could have gotten under in but was afraid of it.  Next time for sure.  50kg felt solid so I know I have more in me.

One thing I noticed (and maybe it’s just me) but when being coached today it was different – I needed more quiet or at least no one saying pick it up, go now and I feel that this was because it was more of a technical lift that required concentration.  I needed the focus inside my own head rather than from an external source.  The ‘go now’ needed to be when I was ready not when I was told if that makes any sense.  And it’s totally different from when squatting, etc. where the movement is conditioned into us and is pretty straight forward but when throwing large weights overhead I need to retreat into my own head and this was the first time I noticed it.

5 rounds (13 minute cutoff)
5 clean & jerk (45/70kg)
10 chest to bar  pull-ups
3/5 Rx

I didn’t finish this WOD and I’m okay with that.  I went heavier on the CJ’s and maintained good form though was only doing single reps all the way through.  Right from the start I was doing split jerks but I felt solid and didn’t miss any lifts even though the weight is nearing my max.  The c2b pull-ups were what got me.  I’ve struggled with c2b ever since the open wod where I did them for the first time.  I can get them but it usually requires a second pull to complete or a really big kip which in turn tears my hands (and oh, I did!).  Throughout the wod I was doing sets of 2 c2b with mixed grip and it was as hard as the heavy lifts were.  In my head as much as I was pushing I knew I’d be happy with completing three rounds in the 13 minute cutoff.  I did just that and finished the last 5 cj’s.  On the last set of c2b I was swinging pretty good rather than wasting energy with a second pull though I managed to rip both hands in the process.  The first one (left hand) tore and stung (and made me curse) but wasn’t too bad when I kept going.  On the last two c2b I ripped my right hand and it didn’t feel too bad but right away started bleeding – a lot.  I still continued with the cj’s though and it wasn’t at all pretty.  A little disinfectant after to clean the bar though and then tearing up which washing my hand and all was good.  Glad I have the weekend to heal though I should have known better anyway, my callouses had callouses so it’s not much of a surprise that they tore.  Oops! Ouch!

I need to find the time to work more on my heavy lifting.  I’d like to see where I’m at now with both my heavy snatch and cj.  I think I’ve improved a lot since the oly lifting sessions we did with Luke in the fall but it’s a matter of access to the equipment with enough time to just focus on technique and to rest between sets.

Finished up the evening with some mobility and chatting with Ang – about all the yummy goodies we’re going to make during the Whole Life challenge.  It should be good.  Info session tonight for anyone who might be interested in giving it a go – 6pm at Cooee.

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