Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/4 - Mobility and Group WOD

On Saturday's Crossfit Kits has a group mobility session and one WOD which is done in teams or groups.  Today I went to both - the mobility was harder than expected and the group WOD was a ton of fun.

'Beauty Queen'
Wrist mobility

GI is intimate with Kelly Starrett it seems and likes to bring the most recent and most painful mobility movements to the group.

The 'Beauty Queen' can been seen in video form here.  It is both painful and extraordinary... it works though requires lots of steady breathing as you're in the middle of it.

We also did some partner wrist mobility using the big elastic bands (could be done alone if you had something low to lock off the band to).  It was good overall.

At this point others had shown up and it was time to move on to the group WOD.

We went through the basics of rope climbs (and it was nice that it was only a 10ft rope).

'The New World'
In teams (most teams of 4 we had 3), each starts on a station
KB Swings (24kg/16kg)
Rope Climbs
Med Ball Run (9kg/6kg) - 250m
20kg plate shuttle (50m)
Box step ups with 10kg plate
30 minute AMRAP
Change stations after group doing med ball run is finished

This was a lot of fun as we weren't keeping score and you were on each movement for an indefinite amunt of time depending on how long it took the team doing the med ball run to finish.  It was quite hot outside especially with the med ball run back to back with the shuttle sprints (in the parking lot) but it was a good WOD.

Our group (Alex, Nathan and myself) started on the rope climbs and we each rotated through - I was happy with my technique which is getting better.  It really only took one jump up and then one more move up before I was at the top but it just meant we got in a few more reps throughout.

The med ball run was just awkward though Nathan was quite helpful in how to carry the ball - if you position it just right on your shoulder and let it drop back a bit (almost feels like it's going to fall off) then you can rest your hand on it to keep in there and in turn it doesn't use your muscles but rather works as a good tricep stretch.

The plate shuttle was tough but I was determined to stick with the 20kg plate.  The teams with four people had two people exchanging plates but since we had three Nathan and I traded off and Alex would go when I did - she was using a lighter weight.

The box step ups were killer.  I'm not sure what it was (perhaps the heavy backsquats the day before) but they were hard.  I'm fairly used to jumping up to 24" box but the step ups with the bit of weight hurt.  These were just a mental battle to keep going.

The KB swings weren't that hard but when you're already winded it was still a challenge.  I was mostly managing sets of 10 at a time (if not more in the earlier rounds) with sets of 5 as the round was almost ending.  

I enjoyed this - it was great to be working in a larger group collectively while still in smaller 'teams'.  It was also nice to not keep score but to just keep pushing through.  Surprisingly the 30 minutes went quickly.  I think we got through 4 or 5 rounds in all.

Sunday (didn't make it to the open gym) and Monday (only one noon WOD because of the holiday and friends wedding at the same time) were rest days.  Today (Tuesday) is "Nutts" before I get on the plane at midnight to (finally) head home.  I might have some sore body parts after the WOD and 15 hour/5 hour flights.

And for those who don't know...

10 x Handstand push-ups
15 x 250/155 lbs Deadlift
25 x Box jumps 24/20
50 x Pull-ups
100 x Wallball shots, 20/14 pounds, 10′ ft target
200 x Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45/25 lb plate.

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