Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/16 - Accountability and the Whole Life Challenge

Even more sore today than yesterday even though I did nothing last night except relax and get to bed early.  Guess this is my body telling me that just stopping isn’t enough anymore especially as I up the intensity/ weights in my workouts.  I need to focus more on active recovery, getting out for a walk or an easy (short) run and even more importantly mobilizing.  I know the benefits (and pain) that some solid mobility work can do for me and I have the tools to do it I just need to start making the time.

I’m starting to get my eating back on track, eating strictly paleo for the past 4 days now – I know I’m still purging the crap that I filled my body with over the past month but I’m looking forward to getting back on track.  I am noticing that I’m actually hungry these days (due to a regular routine perhaps?) and I’m planning accordingly.  

This week so far my eating has looked approximately as follows:

Fruit/ spinach protein smoothie (on my way to work)
Black coffee (on my way to work/ through the morning at work)
Two eggs with veggies (approx. 9-10am at work)
A protein (it’s been kangaroo the past few days) and veggies (brussel sprouts with bacon) – (approx. 11:30-12pm depending on when hunger hits)
Cashews (anywhere from 1pm- 3pm depending on hunger/ when lunch was)
A protein and veggies (second lunch) –to curb the hunger of late in the day/ get me through my workout (3:30-4:30pm)
Crossfit (5:00pm or 5:45pm)
Dinner is usually pretty light – either a bit of meat and veggies (leftovers from lunch) or a smoothie loaded with goodness

All of this is supplemented by as much water as I can drink all day.  It’s been working so far.  I don’t mind eating light at night – I find I don’t really want much food after a hard workout especially as I’m also pretty tired from the early mornings and really want to get into bed early so it’s nice not to have that full feeling.  I’m also not waking up hungry so that’s another good sign.  I am however waking up really thirsty in the mornings so I need to really focus on upping my water consumption.

So what’s the point of all this?  Well, first off to hold myself accountable to me.  Secondly it’s because we’re starting to gear up for the Whole Life Challenge at our box which starts on September 15th.  Go to for further information.  In essence:

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness challenge designed to turn you into a diggin'-deep, nose-to-the-grindstone, what-are-you-made-of, no-crying-in-CrossFit, swinging-for-the-fences master of your physical and mental destiny!

The Whole Life Challenge started at CrossFit LA a year and a half ago, and this year they've invited CrossFit affiliates from around the world to play.  [Cooee Crossfit is participating in this]
The challenge winner will need to succeed in 3 areas:
Performance - Improve your work, improve your play
Body Transformation - Get lean & mean
Accountability - Play every day!
(info write up courtesy of Kirst at Cooee – thanks!)

More specifics on how the whole thing works at

Anyway, for the Whole Life Challenge I’ll need to be accountable every day so I’m starting to incorporate a bit more of that into this blog.  Perhaps I won’t be blogging every day but I’m trying to blog on more than just workout days.  

The best part of the Whole Life Challenge… you don’t have to be a Cooee Crossfit member to register.  It’s also open to friends and family (though I need to clarify how the before/afters will work for the ‘game’ portion).  This is specifically targeted at you Vancouver/ Seattle peeps who were so inquisitive about my eating habits, etc. when I was visiting – this seems like a great way to make a change in a supportive ‘you’re not in this alone’ way.  So if you’re interested, sign up or get in touch – you have until September 9th to do so, challenge starts September 15th (for 56 days – ends November 10th)

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