Monday, October 22, 2012

10/21 - Sunday Strength (Week 1)

Angie and I are on a mission to get strong so over the next 4 weeks leading into the Affiliate Cup we’re doing an extra strength session with Tim at the Albert Street Box.  It’s their garage actually, not a registered Crossfit box.  But it still has everything needed for a good strength session.

Tim programmed our little workout:

Run around block (400m)
Leg Swings
Air squats
Shoulder rolls
2 x 10 air squats with resistance band around quads

Work up to 5RM
Bench press
Front squats

Max pull-ups (strict)

We paired up – Angie and I, Tim and Jack – and rotated through the lifts.

Angie and I started on front squats and my focus wasn’t so much going heavy (getting a true 5RM) but rather on good technique and engaging my glutes.

Front Squats
5 @ 15kg
5 @ 35kg
5 @ 45kg
5 @ 50kg

Interesting how changing form makes the lifts harder.  I need to develop the strength where it should be rather than where it is.  It is good though to realize what’s happening and giving it good focus – keeping my hips in line by engaging my core which in turn keeps a neutral position on my back.

It was also interesting to note that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d done just front squats (though I am fully aware that most movements – hello thrusters – utilize the same muscle groups)

Bench Press
10 @ 15kg
5 @ 25kg
5@ 30kg
5 @ 35kg

I pushed it a bit too much on this one.  While I was able to do the full 5 reps at 35kg I knew it wasn’t good for my shoulder (which is even more obvious today).  It was good though as my current strict press (overhead) is I believe 35kg so matching it was solid especially after a day of SUP racing. 

5 @ 35kg
5 @ 45kg
5 @ 55kg
5 @ 60kg
5 @ 65kg

This was interesting for me given that it was the first time I was back to deadlifting specifically after tweaking my back.  I was aware of my movements, again of engaging my core and keeping my hips in line in order to lift with my glutes and not my back.  It felt good, different but good and though I didn’t go too heavy I didn’t lead with my back on any of the reps which was the goal.  I know I still have a long way to go but this will definitely be a start to getting stronger and staying healthy which is most important of all.

3 x 2 strict

Tim designed this to be 5RM weighted pull-ups but as their pull-up bar isn’t that suited to kipping they had to be strict.  Angie did reverse pull-ups (her goal is to do unassisted pull-ups in WODs by Christmas – I just shouted it out there for you Angie, you’re welcome…haha!) and I did sets of 2 strict though after the first set they were individuals.  Still, it felt good as it wasn’t that long ago that I got my first strict pull-up.  Being able to do them even when my shoulder is a bit wonky was great.  That being said there will be a little bit of care and maintenance going on with my shoulder this week, going to have to rest it a bit so I’m not completely set back.  There was just too much volume for it this past week so I’m dialing it back a bit – likely no overhead this week though we’ll see how the programming goes.

Thanks Tim and Jack for a sweet morning of strength and sunshine (we had our sunglasses on in the garage it was so bright) and for the quality tunes – Canadian university tunes that were playing when I was there and apparently still are as Jack has most recently noticed.  Good friends, strength and dance party – no better way to spend a Sunday morning.

Some (garage style) photos…

One twin

Two twin... 
Not a twin...  :)

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